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Two weeks too fast

My lovely and highly talented daughter Emilie Clepper is leaving Whidbey in just an hour or two. Her sojourn here, a little over two weeks, has been a whirlwind of music, blessings, smiles, spontaneous moments and splendid meals. She has shared her music, herself and her companion, Tim, with us and dozens of others here on the island. We have all felt enriched and uplifted by her sweet and giving presence. Now she and Tim will take their gifts and stories to Switzerland, France and Spain and share them there with new friends, translating themselves into whole new cultures. They'll bring something of all that traveling, all the new perspectives and understanding, back with them. The next time we see them, they will have grown. The whirlwind blows on. The flurry of furious moments will float back down to the soil of memory. Legends will grow out of them. Someone will speak those legends; maybe us.

Tour Report 5

After our 2nd Terlingua show,we got a pick- up gig just Dow the road at the Thirsty Goat in Lajitas through Trevor Hickle. We stayed at Trevor's place after the show and had a great visit. Headed out the next day for Pinos Altos. We loved playing at the Buckhorn Saloon, and loved the accommodations they provided for us, too. The day we spent some time exploring the tiny but historic old town there and drove a ways up into the Gila National Forest. Then it was on down to Las Cruces and a 2nd show there. On the way to Taos and our last show, we stopped in Hatch and got a few pounds of their kick-ass chili powder. That stuff is too good to be legal. Our stay in Taos was way fine. Our show went well, but I was struggling with worn out vocal chords. Right after the show, we jumped the little Fiat and drove all night so we could catch a 6:30am flight home to the Northwest.

The Muse and eye
The Muse and eye  (almost 5 years ago)

I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't been there doing it all with ya! ;-)

Tour Report 4

The magic always happens at the Starlight Theatre. I guess they pay their magic bill on time. Jon and Maria played a few tunes with us on our first gig there this trip, and we met that French couple. I get to speak French to someone everytime I play there. There were more French speakers for the second gig, and there were those people from West Virgiinia. And then there was Brewster, who talked quite a bit with Sarah. Yeah, quite a bit. Anyway, as he was leaving the joint during one of our breaks, and after another conversation with Sarah, he turned and said to her, "you know, the last time I saw Whidbey Island, I was 125 milies above it." Sarah, who was kind of schmooze-boogled at this point, answered with a little laugh, "oh, that's nice!." He straddled his Harley and looked up at her. "Think about it." A second's hesitation and then she hollered after him as he took off, "Oh, my god! I get it. I get it!" Later that night, in our after gig digs, we googled "Brewster astronaut." Yep.

Tour Report 3

Jon (from report 2) also busks on Amtrak trains. Yep. Buys a ticket, heads to the lounge car and sings old time tunes revved up to punk energy levels. His partner, Maria Moss, plays beautifully and throws down some fine harmony, too. Yes sir, you road folk lead such interesting lives. Maybe we'll talk about that astronaut we met in our next report. Maybe not.

The Muse and eye
The Muse and eye  (about 5 years ago)

Yeah, let's talk about that astronaut, hmmm,

Tour Report 2

One of many highlights was meeting, talking to and jamming with Jon Hogan and Maria Moss deep in the West Texas desert. Jon seems to know just about every song in the American roots tradition, you know the old stuff. But he's also a fine songwriter in his own right. We really loved hearing his "Dig and Dine" tune, about the Irish potato famine.

Tour Report

Well, I tried to give what I considered a brief account of our just completed 2012 Southwestern Spring Tour. But the Reverbnation site wouldn't allow it. It was too long. I edited it down to just under the 4,000 character limit, but it still wouldn't let me post. So this is all you get for now. A no account account. A complaint. I only have so much time to waste learning how this all works. Now I have other stuff to do. Adios.