Analyzing My Influences

I really have spent the last week nostalgic. Looking back through my past. Trying to find the roots of my influences. I guess all of our songs basically boil down to folk songs. They try to tell basic stories from less than basic perspectives. Take "the hanging fire" for example. Its basically zoomed into one second in time at a hyper detailed ratio.It takes a moment where I was sitting in my apartment, kind of lost in thought, and turns it into a whole song. I'm interested in finding different perspectives. There is nothing more creatively fulfilling than attempting to describe something that is beyond perception. Those moments that are kind of twisted around future and past moments. Some people call that deja vu, but its more than that. Because you experience all the moments simultaneously.They're all connected. An example would the old wives tale of when you get goosebumps someones walking over your grave.Obviously there is no truth to that statement in a literal sense, but it can be used as a metaphor. To understand the concept. So the hanging fire is all about three separate moments that are all connected and experienced simultaneously. The first image of the gravesite, the second of being in a daydream, and finally the third is being startled from that daydream by a knock at the door........or maybe its just about zombies I don't know.

Need Stronger Drugs

Obviously you're all still awake....excited...waiting to hear more off the new album just like we are....everything is going according to plan.....bwa haha

Taking over

The time is now! We have just released our first single from our upcoming album "The Future of an Illusion," We have a benefit show for Toys for Tots on the 23rd at The Prophet Bar, and we have just recorded an Acoustic Trio EP. Things are starting to get going! Please keep telling your friends about Daylight Industries and keep getting the word out there!

Holy Shit...

This new record sounds amazing....just wait...you'll see.... we spent more money on it then most of us spent on our college education...but it will be worth it....when you're building gold statues in our likeness...bwa haha

New Songs...New Drugs....Same old Hangover

You'll be excited to know loyal fans that we've been hard at work writing NEW material. Thats right. We haven't even recorded our last album, and we are already working on the next one. Expect us to drop a couple of sneak peeks at the upcoming May shows. Rest assured its still the Daylight Industries you've come to know and worship. Some of you may have noticed the addition of vocals to "transition sequence" this last tuesday. Be sure to stay tuned for lyrics that aren't drunkenly mumbled and made up on the spot. On a lighter note. Daylight Industries invented a new drinking game this weekend. It involves big screen tv, horeshoes, and a keg. We'll try to post it as soon as possible. Let's just say the keg is empty, and we're still picking up pieces of the tv.

_Daylight Industries

What does an oklahoma graduate and a tornado have in common?

They'll both end up in the trailer park. Haha. So as most of you know we're headed to native america (oklahoma) this friday for our first out of state show. We are all very excited to outdrink our neighbors to the north. Funk band Coleslaw will be getting things warmed up with us along with local act None of A Kind. There is going to be a free keg (seriously) so come early to keep your bar tabs as low as possible. We should be rolling into Stillwater around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. So hit us up! With beers being only 3.5% we'll probably have to start pregaming then to stay nice and toasty the rest of the evening.

Liquid Lounge Sat. March 12th

Alright everybody, we have another show booked and ready to go for this Saturday night at the Liquid Lounge in Deep Ellum. It was a very last minute show. We just found out a couple of hours ago. We will be going on about 11:30 so show up around 10:30 or 11 and join the party. We had a great time in San Marcos this weekened on our first roadshow. Ashley and MO couldn't make it down there, but we rocked on anyway. Again, thanks to all you showed up down there and thanks to Awake at Dawn for their support, go check them out they're awesome. Peace.

We're Headed South

Daylight Industries is please to announce that they are invading San Marcos this weekend. A small guerilla task force will be sent out Friday night to establish a command post in the city square. According to sources within the corporation heavy artillery and cavalry should arrive sometime late Saturday afternoon. Massive casualties are expected. Civilians please note that medical supplies, food and water will be provided at Gold Crown Billiards. It is standard Daylight Industries policy to grant religious sanctuary to all billiard halls when they invade any municipality. If you do not comply with this directive it will be assumed that you are an enemy combatant, and corrective action will be taken. God willing, victory will be ours.

-Daylight Industries

Studio Blues

Well the band goes into the studio this Sunday. Its going to be interesting for them playing to a click. They're usually much more freehanded than that. We all think the end result will be worth it though. Ashley continues to add more to the songwriting process now that she is playing piano and taking on more vocal responsibilities. Logan has been trying his best to keep up with Brandon on the guitar. Barry and Adam are sounding tighter than ever as a rhythm section, and Darius will be featured on a couple of new tracks. A family of Phillipino immigrants has moved into Barry and Brandon's basement. I'm happy to announce that they've agreed to manufacture merchandise for the band in exchange for rent and one loaf of bread a week! So be sure to look for that in the near future. Also keep an eye out for upcoming shows in the DFW area.

We Appreciate Your Patronage. Daylight Industries (A&R)