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we all live life, but some of us , we get more out of it (That make sense ?) #PP ask me all the time what it takes to be apart of the #FlyBoyz situation when a nigga steps in a studio, it should be a vision (story mode) to leave the studio an knowing there no song out that day sound like that that fascinating to me to no that , it cost me 15k to record plus 5k to master,that every song, I'm getting ready to do a album I didn't even start yet but i'll keep yall posted) need to find the right producers


real reconize real in this game,if you thought this rap game was easy na, sh*t hard azz hell still workin on my grind to get higher up in this chartz you already no i say in touch with the ppl that fuckz wit me i f*ckz wit them heavy follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/Darkcityfinest