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Summer 2012

Yellow folks! We are in the finishing stages of our 2nd full length album "Silence Gone Digital" We've taken quite some time putting together this album but i think all of us are really proud and excited for all of you to hear this. We self recorded this, so it is really special to us, produced and engineered by our very own anthony Q. Our good friend Tori Miller put together the artwork and let me tell you it looks freakin sweet! The album will be out just in time for our "what i know for now tour" which will bring us down the east coast, to play to kids in cities we've never gotten a chance to play to before. And we are all psyched that our buddy Johnnie Lee Jordan will be hitting the road with us in our brand new van, that we cannot wait to christen. This summer has a lot to bring for High Bluff, but it is up to you to keep listening and supporting and to tell all your friends. We'll see you soon! We'll find you!