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Exciting Things Are Happening

Last month I was able to team up with D.I.G. VIP to perform at SPA313 located in Inglewood, California. It was for their concert series called "Beauty N Soul" and the day I performed, Actress Imani Hakim's (Wizards of Waverly Place, Everybody Hates Chris) attended and signed a Brand Ambassador contract with the SPA313. The event included performances by R&B singer Ria Rosae, P-Love, Comedian Show Tyme & more. It is also my pleasure to announce I will be collaborating with London’s dubstep DJ duo, “Megaton” on an all original track. I’m absolutely thrilled to write with these producers because of their unique hip-hop & metal twist to the Dubstep genre. This dubstep collaboration should release by the end of 2014. To learn more about Elena & her music projects, visit: highoffecp.wix.com/elenacharis

New Website, New Song

After the rain comes the sun and I definitely feel like this can be applied to my current life situation. A few months ago my brother & father were admitted to the hospital in two different States (US). It was a time of tests & trials for my family and although dark, it seemed to strengthen my faith even more. Out of the darkness came beautiful lyrics as I began to write. I had to channel my stress in other ways, so I began to create a new website too. This is what came about and I would love to share it with you! NEW WEBSITE http://highoffecp.wix.com/elenacharis NEW MUSIC https://soundcloud.com/elenacharis/keepholdingon

March Interview by Mind On My Music

A huge THANK YOU to Jeff & K-Luv, hosts of podcast MIND ON MY MUSIC for interviewing me.


This is Mind On Your Music. A movement dedicated to helping musicians, bands and artist s market themselves through interesting interviews with music business movers / shakers as well as resources that are made to promote music.We will also highlight artists and bands from around the world and showcase not only their music, but what they are doing to make money in the music business.


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KLIQ Station Moved!!

if this is the first time you have come across my music page then there is one project im involved with that you should know about! that is that every Friday, I've been co-hosting an Internet Radio show in Los Angeles for the last 6 months.

it has been fun, it has been challenging (the commute) but i am very please to announce that we moved from LA! We just moved our station to Lakewood, California which just happens to be MY hometown. that's why there is a song of my Reverbnation that says... "Lakewood". muahaha. i am very happy about this change.

tune into KLIQ this Friday, 7-9pm www.4kliq.com

if you're from this area and want to be a guest on my radio show, please submit your epk to tsquaredkliq@gmail.com

BroadCasting Live In CARSON, CA!

One of the new exciting adventures that opportunity (or God) has given Elena is the rare chance to be a part of a fresh new, positive radio show! Los Angeles based internet & AM radio show, KLIQ has signed a new show to their radio called "IM JUS SAYIN". And we will be broadcasting LIVE the FIRST of every month at the Banana's Liquid Lounge in Carson, California. I'm stoked. Come see me, let's all be friends lol!

Magazine Issues, Radio Shows, Shoutouts, all for me?????

Hey Hey Hey!!

I haven't had a lot of time lately to maintain an up to date blog but I wanted to fill you guys in on some things here and there.

There have been a few exciting things this summer involving my music.

#1 is that my FIRST official mixtape dropped August 1. It is so different from what the world is hearing on the commercial radios, I would like to strongly uncourage anyone who is reading this to please download or stream this mixtape at www.SoundCloud.com/ElenaCharis.

#2. Competing with hundreds of entries in HNS Magazine's Talent Search, I was able to catch the eye (or EARS, muahaha) of the executive team at HNS Magazine (Hottest & Sexiest) and I was one of the few (I believe 2) that were picked to be featured in the magazine. This is so exciting. You can view it online (as all the hard-copies are GONE!) at http://www.HNSMag.com pg 94-95

#3 I became the official co-host of 4KLIQ Radio's newest show called "Im Jus Sayin". That began August 3, 2012 and comes on every single Friday Night from 7pm-9pm PST www.4KLIQ.com or download the Andriod app on Facebook Kliq Radio page. #4 IM JUS SAYIN will host LIVE at Banana's Liquid Lounge in Los Angeles County, California the FIRST of EVERY MONTH - So come down and check what i'm doing :)

That is all for now!!

Elena Charis


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