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Trail of Beers Tour

This Thursday we kick off our month long journey with The Rocketz. Trail of Beers Tour begins in Phoenix Arizona. Check out tour dates for more info.

CD Release Party

CD Release Party Oct 18th at Spikes in Rosemead w/ The Peabrains, Saints and Sinners, and Wiklow Atwater and the Fallen Flame. Come out support the bands and get your copy of the new album "Revenge"

Last show before Studio Time

Tonight we will be playing in Torrance at Alpine Village along with Henchmen, Shoplifters, The Bohunks, and SGV Infected. This will be our last show before we hit the studio for our long awaited first album.

Astro Zombies/Straight Shooter Tour

We are just a week away from tour hope you catch our performance.

Straight Shooter

Let us know what city you want to see us play in..