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CD Release Show on 10/20/13

Come out this weekend for A City Apart’s CD release show of the debut album “On Empty Rooftops.” The show is free (i.e., no entrance fee) and is located at The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh, NC, this Sunday, October 20, 2013. Joining A City Apart (alternative/post-rock) will be special guests The Artificial Hearts (alt-rock/pop) and The Past Six Years (alternative/pop), all local Raleigh bands. The Pour House Music Hall is located at 224 S. Blount Street, Raleigh, NC 27601; the venue has hosted numerous acts, such as Dr. Dog, Avett Brothers, and Corrosion of Conformity (/www.thepourhousemusichall.com/).

Two years and thousands of hours have been spent making this 8-track album, and this Sunday only will you be able to receive the album at half price—$5 at the show vs. $10 retail hardcopies. If you cannot make the show, you can still purchase the album from more than 30 online distributers, including iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora, after October 20th. The band currently ranks #3 on Reverb Nation’s Alternative Chart, with an ever growing fan base.

The band’s lineup consists of Chris Kmak on lead vocals and guitar, Jay Sherman on lead guitar and backup vocals, Mitch McCall on bass and backup vocals, and Mike Myers on drums.

In January 2013, producer Jim Wirt, who has produced albums for Incubus, Fiona Apple, No Doubt, Something Corporate, and others, produced A City Apart’s debut album. The album was recorded at the new Crushstone Studios in Cleveland, OH, which was formerly owned by NASA and used for acoustic testing. Despite the long hours recording the album with Wirt, the band had a great time—check out some of their journey on Facebook. Although the band had funds saved to record with a producer of Wirt’s caliber, there were plenty of other expenses—such as artwork, mixing, mastering, pressing, travel, etc.— so they got some extra help from fans through Kickstarter (www.kickstarter.com). While recording the album, Wirt would work before and after the band left the studio each day—averaging 17-hour days. On working with Wirt, Will Garlick, A City Apart band manager, says the following:

Working with Jim is like working with no other producer. He is like a mad scientist. He comes from the days before everything was so digitalized and flawless—but of course he is up with the times and works with the top of the line gear; his approach is just so unique. Certainly recording the album was a blast, but most don’t realize the stress that comes along with it. He is the guy that no matter what happens the vibe stays good so the momentum keeps flowing. That is why I have never seen a bad product come from Jim. That is why A City Apart traveled so far to work with him.

A City Apart has played at various venues in North Carolina and has plans to expand their events starting in spring 2014. For booking you can visit their electronic press kit at www.reverbnation.com/rpk/acityapart.

This Sunday, join A City Apart, The Artificial Hearts, and The Past Six Years at The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh for what is to be an amazing showcase. To keep up with other event announcements see Facebook (www.facebook.com/acityapart), Reverb Nation (www.reverbnation.com/acityapart), and Twitter (https://twitter.com/acityapart).

Marissa Straw | Writer, Editor, and Photographer

Raleigh Band Climbs Alternative Charts

RALEIGH, N.C - Raleigh's up and coming rock band ‘A City Apart’ took social media sites by storm after releasing two tracks off of their new E.P. "On Empty Rooftops". They currently sit at #4 on Reverb Nation's Alternative Charts. Their momentum grows as they build a stronger and stronger following. As they have continually climbed their way higher in the charts, they also released a video for an acoustic rendition of their second single "One Stop To Make". After speaking with guitarist Jay Sherman, he stated "We’re promoting our new release by following up with more and more shows. We want to start spreading in an outward spiral making a nice regional mark". In the mean time, while the guys aren't busy writing new material, doing photo shoots, and all the other stuff that comes along with being in a band, they take a strong interest in interacting with their fans. "I don't believe it’s only our music that engages the fans, I believe interacting with them is just as exciting for them and interesting for myself as is listening to the music.” the front man Chris Kmak said. Kmak, a native to the North Carolina triangle, has announced some secret shows he has been performing by himself to keep the music alive. He has been spotted along with bassist Mitch McCall and Sherman doing "unplugged" performances, which incorporates both their heavy and grinding electric sound with their tranquil sounds displayed acoustically. Once the E.P drops late this Spring, A City Apart will be back to playing all their shows full force and anticipate incorporating more special effects, bigger lights, and new interlude material. Stay up to date with ‘A City Apart’ on; Facebook, Twitter, or ReverbNation for: event/tour announcements, new releases, new photos/videos, new merchandise, keeping up to date on other current events with the band, or simply to engage in a conversation with one of the members.


The Slam Shack - Youngsville, NC

This past weekend, A City Apart got to celebrate Chris' birthday. We headed to Youngsville, NC, to play a gig at an unknown venue known as The Slam Shack.

We'd never been to Youngsville before. It was something else. It seemed like there were more cops pulling people over then there were cars on the streets.

The Slam Shack looks like your average pull barn: metal siding, peaked roof, and a huge sliding door wide enough to ensure that a tractor and five cows can fit inside. We unloaded our gear near the "backstage" entrance and found lawn mowers, cans of gasoline, and various farm equipment that looked almost like relics. The Shack's owner and his son Brian met us and invited us inside. There were a couple of other bands playing, so we had some groovy background music.

When it was time for us to load our gear, we were welcomed by a small group of local kids and an awesome stage. We realized this was not a normal venue, and our plan was to bring it down.

The kids crowded near the stage as we kicked off the set with our newly released song, Cornered. After the end of that first song, everyone was calling for the next. We continued with our short set and the crowd still wanted more! We introduced a new song, which doesn't have a title as of yet, and blasted the crowd. As we neared the end of our set, we realized they weren't going to let us leave, and we were asked to play all of our songs again. It was still pretty early, so we obliged. It wasn't until our last song that Youngsville's finest showed up to put an end to our domination of The Slam Shack.

It's never really a show until something crazy happens: cops shutting us down, a slap-boxing match between Chris and Andrew, breathalyzers on the underage kids, and a swarm of broken drumsticks. People asked for autographs on all the sticks as we packed our gear. The owner asked for his picture with Dave, and we made a bunch of new fans.

We hope to visit The Slam Shack again soon as it proved to be the most unexpectedly awesome place we've had a chance to play since we've began this journey. Thanks to Brian and his family for having us, and happy birthday, Chris!