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Drum Tracking In Progress

We're well into the recording process, drums are on their way!!!! Keep an eyey out for an upcoming demo, We're hoping for late spring early summer but nothing set in stone at this point. We'll keep you posted on our progress and make tracks available to you all here first as they become available!!!! All Systems Decay!!!!



Okay everyone, I see alot of new faces around my page and I just wanted to throw out a quick reminder that Entropy, Numbered Existence and Restless Aggression, will all be in Cedar Rapids this Saturday, December 17th at Tornados. Show starts at 9, it's a 21+ venue so leave your kids at home. Feel free to bring some friends though, bring your enemies, bring your grandparents, whatever, just get to the show!!! It's going to be a blast. ALSO!!!!! If you aren't hip to our page on Reverbnation yet go check that out there are some demos, some live stuff, a few videos, theres some pictures, we also have a page here on Facebook that you can find my navigating around my page here just a little. I'll post some links, I hope to see you guys out there, Tornados is very well known for having some awesome live ORIGINAL hard rock and metal bands so we are going to do our best to help them maintain their reputation as one of the kewlest venues in the area. See you guys at the show!!!!

Get to the shows, buy some merch, listen to the music, tip the bartenders, spread the word!!! Support local venues and local musicians.!!!

Happy Holidays... Entropy

Support local venues and local musicians in your area.

Okay everyone, check it out, on December 17th, Entropy will be playing at Tornados with Numbered Existance and Restless Aggression. For any of you out there who are living with doubts about this show, just stop right now and listen. This is going to be the show to see!! I'm sure you are saying to yourselves, "whats going to be so special about this show?". Well, let me tell you. This will be the first time in over 5 years that Entropy has done a show in our home state. (I'm excited, can you tell?) Not only that but it's going to be at TORNADOS in CEDAR RAPIDS!!!!!! This place is legendary for awesome bands!!!! So, get ahold of your friends and come to the show!!! While your out there, and even if you don't make it to the show, lets all do our best to support local venues and local musicians around Iowa. It's easy to do. All it takes is the desire to have a great time. Go to the shows, pay the cover (it's always very reasonable for the amount of ass kicking original music you get to hear). Buy some merch, most bands will have CD's, shirts, hats, sweaters, all kinds of stuff. When I was playing bass for Blackroom down in Louisville we used to give away hundreds of dollars worth of merch just because we love the poeple who come to see us play. Take some pictures with your favorite local bands, that way you can tell your friends you know some kick ass famous people. Buy plenty of beer (and food so your not wasted after the first bands set), most places have an awesome kitchen that can hook you up with all kinds of kick ass grub, perfect for a night of drinking and loud music and tip your bartenders, always tip your bartenders! They will remember you if you don't and you might not get the best or fastest service in the world. Think about it, if you were a bartender, who is getting their beer first, the cheapskate who doesn't tip or the guy who has already tossed a Lincoln worth of tips on the bar after his third beer. They work hard for us and we need to take good care of 'em. There you go. Then after the show go home and get on Facebook, post some photos, post about how much fun you had and BAM!!!! There you have it, you have done your part in supporting local music. See how easy that is. It's not really that simple for the bands though, you guys got it good. We put in countless hours working on writing and recording songs, we pay a fortune for awesome gear to play the songs so they sound great. We travel, we sweat, we party and we hang out with people we don't know because we love you and we want you to enjoy the kick ass music we write and record and bring to your towns to play at your clubs. We do it for you, we do it for our friends, our families and ourselves also. We do our part and it's not easy, but it's what we love. If we did it for only ourselves we would just continue to play in basemenst and garages. I know I speak for myself when I say I'm not in it for the riches, because it's not here, it's about the passion for the lifestyle, it's about the music. It's in my DNA!! METAL!!!!!! Go to the shows, buy the merch, tip your bartenders, spread the word. Support local venues and local music where ever you are!!! See you at the show.....

Kristopher Mitchell http://www.reverbnation.com/allsystemsdecay


Okay people, I live out on a farm, I am burning everything I own!!!!! I'm moving in a few weeks and I want to have one last bash, I am going to have a fire so big you can see it from space. I need some bands to come out and join us for one last all out metal night of terror!!!! Looking for some bands to come out and do some damage next Saturday!!! It's pretty much a free for all, bring some friends type of deal!!!! I already have two bands lined up, Entropy and Restless Aggression. Hit me up and let me know if your interested!!! I need this to be the party of the year.


We're making some awesome fucking prgress on the charts in our area as well as the surrounding areas but this just isn't enough!! We want the top spot and we need you all to help us make it happen. Soooo.. to keep the fire burning we have decided to bring a little sneak peak to the page this weekend to let you all in on our new secret weapons!!!! Keep checking back and over the course of the next few days we hope to be able to bring you something new, something heavy, something fast, something Entropy. It's something you are not going to want to miss and you will get to hear it first!!! Recording continues as we working on new material. See you all very soon!!!! ALL SYSTEMS DECAY!!!!



We're ready to get out and do a little jammin around Iowa. Do you need a supporting act for an upcoming show? Let us know. Hit us up at http://www.reverbnation.com/allsystemsdecay or give me a ring at 515 227 1542....


Okay everyone this is going to be good. We are working on getting a solid recording for you all. Anyone who has been through the recording process knows how much work actually goes into something like this. It takes some patience. No release date has been set. Merch is on its way!!! We hope to have some new gear for all of our friends and fans around the same time our CD drops so that should be an added bonus for all of you. Anyway, were looking at maybe doing some shows to break everyone back into our sound so keep an eye out for dates, times and locations. Also, we need your feedback!!! Check out the stuff here on the page and let us know what you think.The quality of the recordings is average at best, some of it is live and some of it is demo stuff that we put together just to give everyone a little inside look at what we are working on. We value your input and we want these songs to be heard, so were going to be as interactive as we possibly can and let you decide what you want to hear. We have some new stuff in the works, were always working on new material, some of its heavy, some of its fast, all of it fucking jams. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Everyone have a happy holiday and be safe out on the roads this year, we want to see you all safe very soon...