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www.indieartmag.com January 2015 issue check out my bio, please! I love my fans! thank u for playing my songs!

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I wrote my first r&b pop song and I love it, practice makes perfect. Like Drake says, "I was made for all of this.*" :)


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My passion: Songwriting

Songwriting has always been my passion, there’s something about creating music that is so meaningful and soothing that makes me smile. Since Middle School, I started writing poetry and sometimes I would listen to my favorite songs and write the lyrics down. I eventually made it a hobby and started writing all of the time. I kept a journal of poetry and song lyrics. Music always made me happy or reminisce about special moments in my life. During my first college years, I went to Atlanta for job training to work at an Airline. When I arrived, I ran into a music producer from Chicago. He who told me he was working with a r&b group and they needed a songwriter. Then I told him that I have been writing since my teenage years but never had a chance to write for anyone. He asked me, “ Are you interested in helping him work on a project". We were in Atlanta for training to work at an Airline when we met so this was a great opportunity guess I was at the right place at the right time. The following day he told me he didn’t have the music with him for the song he was working on so I asked him to sing the melody so that I could write to it. We would go for walks in between training and he would sing as I wrote. I knew that this was my perfect opportunity to show off my writing skills so my mind began creating a wonderful song. Everything began to flow to the melody and we created such a wonderful mood. I finished the song by the end of that week since I was only going to be there for two weeks. After the song was completed, we did the final edits during the second week we were at training. I was new to the music business so I told the producer that I just did this for experience to test my writing skills and to help him out. To be honest, I didn’t think the song was that good. He told me it was great and he would have the group record when he returned to Chicago and would send me the first copy. Later, he went back to Chicago, and the r&b group recorded the song and he sent me a copy. When I heard the song with the actual music for the first time in my car I was so shocked, I loved it! He said, “This song is going to be a hit in Chicago!” I was thinking he was just making that up. He was so excited about how the song turned out and told me the group loved it too. One week later, they recorded a remix version of the song, which turned out even better than the original version. The song ended up playing number one for r&b for 42 weeks straight a spot once held by R Kelly at 38 weeks. Once I heard the remix, I wanted to continue writing more songs. I was so motivated from that moment forward. Although the song turned out to be successful, the business side of things was in conflict because I was new to the music industry and did not handle things correctly the legal way. Even though I was excited about the song in the beginning, I started to have second thoughts about the music industry. Therefore, I just continued to write and build my song catalog so that I will have something to show people who were interested later on. I eventually lost contact with the producer by choice and just continued to network with other people in the music industry. Another label asked me to write for a really good artist last year but they weren’t on the same business path so I decided not to. Recently I had three family members demo some of my songs and I put them on reverbnation. I even wrote a hip-hop song, which I haven’t posted.

my passion

Music is my passion, I won't stop until I make it! Have several projects I have been collaborating with another songwriter and a few artists. Just waiting for the songs to be recorded, stay tuned....

Bongi  (about 5 years ago)

Sounds like your a busy person with a passion to do music. You fight to find time but with lives responsibilities you struggle a lot here. It isn't easy but I encourage you to keep pushing to make these hits. You can do it like your wrote in your bio; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Love that scrip from Philippians 4:13. And we can when we focus. Anyhow I would love to collaborate with ya on some songs. I too have many i haven't recorded yet and I love writing new ones. Are you working with any producers down in NC? Im planning to move down there soon. Are you near Raleigh? Anyhow hit me up soon.

Vincent AKA Victorious7


working on a few projects, 2012 will have a lot more songs recorded...still writing....if any artists want to collab hit me up.


I have so many songs that I havent recorded yet, just need to collab with any artists who need lyrics hit me up. I am trying to explore a differently genre of music like pop music...just wrote my first pop/rnb song yesterday....it's a love song of course, trying to network with local artists who want to collab.....I dont sing only write... I have done voice drops before. One day I may try to just record something like chorus. My friend Brittney recorded Spotlight for me just to help me with the melody, but I plan on recording it over with an artist.