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Autumn Activities

We've just come through a great period of a few weeks of fun, participatory events that have connected us more with communities here in New York. Those concerts and occasions have also kept us in fine form for performing as we enjoyed being a part of Porchfest in Ithaca (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Porchfest/97023092417) and singing a benefit concert for the Howland Stone Store Museum, (http://www.howlandstonestore.org/#program) . We then had our Fall Festival (https://www.facebook.com/events/363423270401858/) and also hosted a fantastic concert with Kevin Higgins and Barbara Malteze (www.kevinhigginsmusic.com) and so we're both building and becoming a part of community in many ways. There's that sensation in building community of we'll participate in your thing and we hope you'll enjoy participating in something of ours and at some point they become linked together. It is cultivated relationships that actually grow! The cool part is that we all both bear and receive the fruits.

Upcoming Performances

After a bit of a season of playing host to other musicians, we are coming up on a busy three weeks of performing ourselves. First up for Bridgewater is a Friday evening outdoors at the King Ferry Winery on August 31st (http://www.treleavenwines.com/index.cfm?method=pages.showPage&eventid=432383da-fe87-6d81-04a4-14b7ac1bd665&pageid=8cfe43ba-ccad-4b09-78dc-c5a1cceea60a). It will be a laid back atmosphere, but we also hope for some keen listeners within the winery crowd. Then we will perform at 601 Willow in the Fall Creek neighborhood of Ithaca at 1pm on September 16th for Porchfest, a great Ithaca tradition (http://www.porchfest.org/). As soon as we're done with our set there, we head up to Poplar Ridge for a full-blown concert at the Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting House at 3pm the same day to benefit the Howland Stone Store Museum called Singing for Justice! (http://www.howlandstonestore.org/#program). In contrast to the other two free events, this one costs a mere $10 adults and $3 children and helps a really great local museum. We are practicing away and look forward to seeing many old and new friends!

Music Festival at Bliss, Michigan

We are just returning from the Bliss Fest, a wonderful venue in the northern region of Michigan's lower peninsula that was born in a small town called Bliss. It has a great family/inter-generational atmosphere and the artists jam with each other and mingle with the crowd, and it's all camping. The big headliner on Friday night was "Nitty Gritty Dirt Band" who still sound fantastic, and then on Saturday night it was "Arrested Development", which just illustrates the kind of great mix the festival is. We really enjoyed listening to the "Two Man Gentleman Band", and also seeing many old friends and making some new ones as well. It is a great place to get to know people across the country who share values and appreciation for these arts. Many folks on organic farms like ourselves, and many who make their own music. It was a relaxing time, even during the big thunderstorms on Saturday night in our little tent that stayed completely dry inside!

Latest House Concert

Had a fantastic evening hosting Rick Frankhart and Friends at Merrifield this past Saturday night. Beautiful weather and a lot of fun with some great folk and blues. It was also really nice to get to know all the family members who came from Michigan so that the concert was also a reunion of sorts. Bridgewater sang a favorite for Rick's wife, Gina--Craig solo voice on "The First of May" with A.T. accompanying. She loved it from our concert at Kerrytown Concert House last August in Ann Arbor.

Building Capacity

Our concert series is heading into its third show on April 7th, and we're also building our local contacts and network. From this web site, we are also beginning to develop other web tools so that folks can hear our music, purchase it, find out about our concerts and the retreats and other events at Merrifield. Once the suite of tools is in place, we expect things will become easier. It has been a good incentive for rehearsing, as each of us has written a new song this past month.

Onward and Upward

It was a really sweet concert last Saturday, launching both the New York career of Bridgewater as well as a new concert series at our house, Merrifield. We've got performers booked through June, and now we need to line up our next gigs in this area for Bridgewater.

Bridgewater Folk Duo

We're starting to gear up for our first concert in our new upstate New York location. We'll be performing a house concert at Merrifield, 2345 Center Road, Scipio Center, NY 13147.