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Black Friday

Black Friday started in Oliver Springs, Tennessee in 2008, when cousins Dylan Russell and Frank Buchnowski got together with friends Matt Murray, Jr Mckinney, and Sean Allen. In 2008, Black Friday was known as Devoid, but was soon changed to Black Sunday in 2009 when Matt Murray, Jr Mckinney, and Sean Allen left the band. Around this time they relocated to Harriman, Tennessee and recruited John Bratcher and Garren Logsdon, but with no bass player, Black Sunday was stuck practicing and Dylan Russell played solo gigs. Later in 2010 Black Sunday recruited Andrew Harvey to play bass guitar and eventually changed their name to Black Friday. In March 2011, after Garren Logsdon and left the band, Richard Blouin was recruited. Everything went well until late April 2011 when Richard was rushed to the hospital due to drug overdose. But what was thought to be a drug overdose was actually a very strong high on morning glory seeds. Richard made a full recovery but was kicked from the band. Soon afterwards, John Bratcher and Andrew Harvey left the band. In June 2011, Dylan Russell was planning on playing a solo acoustic gig at the "Smokin' On The Water" Fourth of July festival in Kingston, Tennessee but decided to get Frank Buchnowski and Dakota Russell (Dylan's sister) to play with him. In late June Dylan Russell asked Ben Gee and Aaron Revis to play at the festival. They both soon became permanent in Black Friday. The "Smokin' On The Water" Fourth of July festival in Kingston, Tennessee was success.