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i am just a record skipping stuck on the same chord again i'm trying to play a new song but i'm on repeat in my head i am just a young girl tripping over my own two feet i turn the rope in my hands as i trip i skip this beat all this confusion i know it's not me break through illusion and be free i feel and old woman creeping in side me one that knows the taste of bittersweet i am a caged bird seems safe to stay inside the walls that keep you out are really keeping me in my mind all this confusion i know it's not me break through illusion a be free i am really alone as i sit next to you my mind won't let this pleasure be real i am just a record skipping i am just a record skipping i am just a record skippping


will you jump rope with me pick up your feet 1 2 3 it's really that easy to step in time with me

can i play with you i promise i'll follow the rules cuz thats what we did in school now i'm out i don't want to be a fool

my momma told me not to swear to climb up the slide with my feet bare but when i got to the top i was scared that i'd lose myself on the way down, there

what goes up must come down sticks and stones make me frown got no one to hold my hand on the playground, playground

would you like to come and swing that's fine if you bring your friends i'll push you if you push me we can pretend we're flyin free

i'd like to ask you to be my best friend we could play everyday and our recess would never end

jack and jill went up the hill i think to watch the sunset jill brought a picnic jack played the trumpet

tag you're it but no tag backs when you touch me i freeze till the game begins again i like it when you chase me.....


an act of grace came to me today even before my coffee a little note a big reminder to live my life with grace

even though i know i'd almost forgotten how bitter my heart has become it took the words from a young one as a gentle ray from the sun to bring some warmth to this broke down life to help me move with love

Even though I know I'd almost forgotten how to have some hope for life I've been through life I've seen it something lovely burn in flames the soot the ash and burnt down beams are all that remain of me

i was forced to shut my heart no one could accept me

but through an act of grace these words came to me today "i believe in the sun even behind a cloud I believe in love even when it's not around I believe in god when life seems out of hand I believe i believe in the good"