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At the Bottom of Another Well

Vision bloodshot blurryChasing mistakes in a hurry At the bottom of another well Head spinning like a carousel 
Feel like I got no time Try to write it down try to make it rhyme My hearts racing I cant catch-up Looking for the answers in an empty cup 

Living a lie tonight Whether its wrong or right Sharing time & each-others lips Trigger at my fingertips 

Nights light, the music, dance Bodies moving sweaty hands Happy fe...

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My Lies

Amanda Georgia was barely 18Tattoos & piercings, Part of the ScenePlenty of money & nights on the runSkinny seductress with a talented tongue
Access & Excess the world was her stageBut there was evil & darkness the devils of fameShe held her sins, all dressed in whiteJust one more just one more just one moreOne more & shell feel all right

White lines white lies...Do you buy My lies?

Been so long since I felt somethingSelf-medication, the doctor is inSo when, into my life, you walked right inI looke...

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Moody Bluesin'

Still air silence, little boy blue
Im so lonely without you
Your brown curled brilliance, you steal my eyes
Im so caught up in this disguise

Through lost thought wandering, I slip inside
Take this pilot on a carpet ride
Through head foot thinking, turned outside in
Look no further, Ive seen the end...

Your moody bluesin, has me worn thin
I swear you're trying to sink, not swim
This trains weights moving, dont fall off track
Walk foot faced forward, & dont look back

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A Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash / Shel Silverstein cover)

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Like a Breath of Life, Like Freedom

Softer now sing me to sleepA lullaby to help me dreamI pray to god my soul he'll keepWatch over me now...
I walk the line I'm on the brink andDarker thoughts my head does thinkI see the path but can't find the lightBecause it's hidden in the foreground
I ponder thoughts that make me thinkTo forget the past, red wine I drinkSpilling over time and love I sinkFalling further into you
What do I know at 25?In this brief existence sheltered lifeI've seen some things, I've failed, I've triedGiven everythi...

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The Long Strange Trip

Am I coming or going?How long will this strange trip last?rules continually changingTomorrows landscape will be the past
I see the masses, Hurry-Scurrydesperate to keep upOthers accepting bravely,every beautiful, inevitable, disasterof what is to be, wash up
To be clear, I implore you,to fight and do not settlefor there is justice on the horizonand landslides start with just a pebble
I say follow your life's Riverto the ocean of unknownyour Stardust just a glimmerof the greatness you have known
Me, ...

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Go Anywhere, Be Anything, You're Free

Go Anywhere, Be Anything, Youre Free!
(feat. Mariel Andrew)

Got tired, felt restless & ran for the door
Crying, I just cant be tied down
Saw nothing but Blue Skies around

I reach for the stars, crash land in the clouds,
Theres nothing but blue skies around
Dont know if Im up or Im down

But, Im Free

To the furthest corners of this big blue rock
Go Anywhere, Be Anything, Youre Free!
Go Anywhere, Be Anything, Youre Free!

The world is your oyster, what God gave us choice for
Go Anywhere, Be Anything, Youre Free!...

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Waltz (in Cm)

I'm writing a letterit's the 9th of NovemberI'm pouring my heart outin cursive, in ink
there's no use in fightingthe words i'm recitingbecause there's nothing lefti'm a shell of a man
you leftirrelevance, commotionmy last breathbefore I drown in a sea of your
la da da da da da da da da da 
I'm light as a featherfloating towards foreverthere's no use in fightingwhat is or will be
a story worth tellinga presence compellinga mistress in bedwith a song in her heart
you leftirrelevance, commotionmy la...

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