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You Will Always Have My Heart

I looked up at the sky todayThere were grey clouds in the wayBut, I saw the sun breaking through
You were the first thought on my mind& Though we werent happy all of the timeId take twice the bad, for all your good
Do you remember back a whileWhen I used to make you smileIt was so easy to be in love
Though its different now I knowI still sing songs to let you knowYou Will Always Have My Heart
So if you give me a second chanceDecide Im worthy to be your manIll make an honest woman of you
& if you c...

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Live Right

Like a Waves UnrestLike her Black Silk DressLike an Old Silent MovieLike Living at its Best
I've got a New Leaf TurningI've got a Bright SunriseI get an Overwhelming FeelingWhen I Look in Her Eyes
I've Got to Live it Right (x4)

I was Running from the FeelingChasing Neon through the NightPainting Mirrors on the CeilingBut, I Never got it right
There's an answer to the riddle...just hold the light up to it rightLife is in the momentLive the moment, live it right

&I've Got to Live it Right (x4)

I find m...

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To lose in love, is to, simply, notThrow your hat in the ring, give love a shotFor if you run the race, you've surely wonLive your life as if it's your only one
If it's pure & true, it's love you've gotIf you feel unsure, it's probably notIn love, your heart will smile & singAnd it's free, of course... don't cost a thing
But, love can crush you, leave you angry & cold,Lonely & tired, bitter & oldFor the weight of the world, is nothing at allCompared to the heart, that lost love recalls
However, in ...

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Wild Untamed

when hearts run freewild, untamedthe lives they live...go forgotten, unnamed
there is no scorecardno lifetime awardjust a memory that's fadingand an ocean of love
a heartbeata momenta deep breatha lookit's more than can be capturedin the lines of a book
who am i to judge?how dare i hold on?besides, you dance in my memory& live in my song
you smelled just like spring time& felt like the rainsounded like laughterlooked like a monet
through...perfecttogetherforever& not.i love youi hate youhow could you...

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"Love & Rock'n'Roll"

Once,Long ago...I still believed in Love & Rock'n'Rollsinging, "Love, Love, Music's gonna save my soul..."
Trust,The trust was lost...Turned on the radioBut, it's all just liesA sugar-coated promise, wearin' truth in disguise
And Now,the Time has come...for me to live my dreamsbut, I can't wake-upDrinking in devotion from a paper cup

I don't believe in love (2x)I don't believe... (2x)In LoveorRock'n'Roll

WriteIt all went wrongBut, there's a memorythat I just can't shakeIt's of you, it's of me & it's...

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Do you still remember me?Do you see me in your dreams?
Close your eyes & drift away...Does yesterday seem far away?
Those days are gone, the time has passedNaive, I thought that they would last
But, I still have Dreams...I still see you every night in my Dreams
You said, "Good-bye" said, "...it's the end"I said good-bye to my best friend
I taste the salt, I taste the tearsThe bitter taste of all the years
Those days are gone, the time has passedNaive, I thought that they would last
But, I still have Dr...

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Celebrate The Sun

Hello World&Good-bye girl
She had to move alongI had to sing my song
And, I hope you danceIm gonna two-step too
Come On & CLAP YOUR HANDS AltogetherCome On & STOMP YOUR SHOES!!!
*(CHORUS)*------Clap your handsClap your handsGrab your friends & clap your handsGrab your friends lets sing & danceClap your handsCLAP YOUR HANDS!!  CLAP YOUR HANDS!!Grab your friends lets sing & danceGrab your friends & clap your handsClap your hands------
I hear the river runI feel the breeze blow by
Stand beneath the ...

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She whispers, come hither& its useless to resistcause she owns the night, & you are the darknessyour every whisper, her charm
And just for the moment,Its a dream Ive been waiting forBut, its never enough & Im losing controlIts never enough, give me more, More, MORE!!!!!
If I could I would leaveBut, her hooks in too deepI cant walk awayShe knows Im her slave
She tortures me soI cant let her goBlood red all the timeIm losing my mind 
RED Red reD RedShe is dressed in redHer lips like sugarEyes lik...

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SIXSIDEDSOUNDS presented by RAW:Sacramento

A BIG THANKS to RAWartist Media
RAW:Sacramento Videographer: Ryan Harbert.


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When the Fog Rolls In...

0 0 1 191 1089 SIXSIDEDSOUNDS 9 2 1278 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE /* Style Defin...

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