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E.H.M.P.: How are you doing today? Tell me something new?

EYEINSEE: The cold weather is kicking my ass but I'm good. Been back in the studio working on volume 2 of The Windows To My Soul.

E.H.M.P.: Your music is different from the average Hip Hop Track. Who inspires your music?

EYEINSEE: I get inspiration from artist that think outside the box, from Kanye, Andre 3000 to Jimi Hendrix. I love to be different.

E.H.M.P.: How did you get acquainted with The Elegant Hoodness Musical Program and what are the advantages and would you recommend the program to other artist?

EYEINSEE: My man Aaron Kane from Atlantic Records put me on to the Elegant Hoodness Program. I think its great for artist looking to network and build a buzz. I'm already letting people from my camp know about it.

E.H.M.P.: Where can we hear and download your music EYEINSEE: My new album V is available in all major digital retail stores so hop on iTunes or Google play and download a copy! Also you can check me out at www.eyeinsee.com and follow me on twitter @Eyeinsee.

E.H.M.P.: Are you looking to get signed to a major or an independent and why? EYEINSEE: I'd Really like to do a short deal with a major then go fully independent. I'm bout a dollar and its hard to stack up when you're only earning a few cents per unit sold. But having a multi million dollar company promoting your music can build an audience really fast. So I'm down with a record deal just not a long term one.

E.H.M.P.: Any last words and or shout out's?

EYEINSEE: Yes peace to every one at 0x1 recording studios, my man Amadeo MC, Shif-D, Sprawl Bangowitz, Nexus the africannon And Elegant Hoodness!!

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The Answer to why the music business failing.

The Answer to why the music business failing.

It makes me laugh when I hear record executives complaining about how the music industry is failing, no shit Sherlock and the internet is only a small part of the blame but the mass majority of it is because of the industry itself. You guys were too concerned with making quick money and didn’t care about the quality of the music you put out and you’re paying for it. Lets take Hip-hop as an example, right now its about 30 years old give or take, which means if you were a 20 year old hip-hop fan in 1980 you are now 50 years old. Can you picture a 50 year old man or woman riding around listening to souljah boy tell em? Neither can I…todays music isn’t bad because of lack of talent in the world its because of laziness of record labels for some reason you sign artist that only appeal to the 12-24 year old demographic and completely neglect the 25-50 year old crowd yet that demographic is bigger!! On top of that the 25-50 year old demographic has more disposable income than the 12-24 year old crowd we’re just less inclined to spend it on bullshit. I remember being 12 years old and having to get my sister to dub tapes of Snoop, Biggie and Wu-tang etc because the dude at the record store wouldn’t sell me an album if I was under age. Now with the digital age that has become irrelevant because you can’t get a credit or debit card until your 18 years old, and you can’t buy anything off itunes without a credit or debit card, so why are you signing acts and releasing music that appeals to teens who have no way of buying the songs they hear on the radio?? So that actually shortens the 1st demographic to 18-24. You are marketing to a 6 year age gap instead of a 25 year age gap and you wonder why your not moving units like you used to. Jay-z is in the position that hes in now because of the 25-50 year old age gap, we made him rich and we get “Watch The Throne” in return? I love you Hov but c’mon man Niggaz In Paris will never equal up Street is watching, or Dead Presidents. If the music business wants to prevent itself from total collapse it needs to start putting out good music for adults, we support what we like but we’re tired of blowing $15 on a CD that only has 1 or 2 good songs on it. The ability to buy a single song for .99 cents has pretty much solved that issue but it also means we’ll never see another Sticky Fingaz Black Trash, or Masta Ace Disposable Arts where the entire Album connects in a story. As an indie hip-hop artist I realize that the only thing a record label could do for me that I can’t do for myself is invest millions of dollars to market and promote my music which would be nice but at the same time I’m a true artist I’ll be making music for the rest of my life no matter what because I love it and I know if you’re still reading this you love it too, so give me a “like” on facebook or follow me on twitter and I’ll continue to make good music for you!



Posted on Thursday January 5th