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Man no one told me that getting ready for a show would be so stressful.... I feel like I'm gonna blow apart at the seams. I just want to have fun and play my music and make people happy.... I mean, I know that this IS how it goes. That music is work...it takes me like 2 weeks to get a track arranged to where I want it. I know how it goes... I just... I dunno. The upside is that I am really looking forward to playing on Monday at Mississippi Pizza and Pub!


Things are kinda starting to heat up and its getting exciting! I feel so fortunate to have this talent and be able to share the music I love with everyone :)


Moving through thick and thin to try to make this happen. Sometimes it feels like the whole world will come crashing down if I don't get the beats out of my head... I feel really grateful for all of my fans, but I wish that people would give me more feedback. And I really need to work on the whole performance aspect...how do I get rid of the crazy nervous energy before a show?