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Dante's, Reverbnation, Chipotle! and CBS Radio - Oh MY!

friends, its has been ages since we have posted a blog post. 3+ years to be exact! gosh time flies when you are having fun! so much has changed in the AM world and it has been a roller coaster of a ride, chalked full of new music, tours to SXSW, sponsorship, incredible performances, late night laugh sessions, new songs, FRUUIT JUUICE, festivals, radio performances, features on Reverbnation and two of our songs being picked up by CBS Radio!! This ride has taken us all over the place and within it we have found such a strong bond with eachother. These bandmates are family and we are so pumped for the incredible things coming.. To say it has been easy would be a lie but the hard work pays off sentiment is hitting home for us today. We have been changing the way we plan our events and this has led to sum magical evenings. The first thing we did was to stop playing as often in town. Making each time we are here a special thing vs something you could see every other week. We then took those events and decided to make the shows less about our set and more about the entire evening. This led to performances within performances.. dancers, painters all working together to create a atmosphere that took you to a whole other world. To say "hey I want to check out for a bit and get down with myself!" to recognize art in all forms. To shake what your momma gave you and also to walk out of those events feeling AMAZING.

Portland, OR CD Release and European Fundraiser & Tour

been working very hard this year revamping the band into a sound we have wanted to pull off for years and we've done it!!

Its very exciting to present you with a show that will not only showcase our new amazingly tight band & brand new tunes but also celebrates the success we have had this year and what's to come... what is to come you ask??? :)

Europe!!!! hooray!!

We will be fundraising these next few months to raise money for our European Tour (scheduled for late Jan-March) that's right folks we have been saving like crazy to get us there and with your help we need to raise the additional funds needed for all of us to get there! So far we have $10,000 saved but need to raise an additional $10,000. The plan really is simple take the entire band to tour Europe as much as we can in the three months and get our music heard!

In the weeks to come we will have a Pay Pal account set up for those that want to donate to our cause but cannot make it to the CD release show to do so...

We are working on a brand new Acoustic Minds line (T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoods, gloves, buttons & stickers) will give you a shout out when they are ready also we will be revamping our website www.acousticminds.com

My sis and I have been doing this now full time with no day jobs since August of 2008! Europe has always been a dream of ours please help us make it a reality! see you at the CD release!! feel free to spread the word and invite your friends in Oregon to come out and celebrate this awesome night with us!

presale tickets will be online in a few days for purchase! $10 advance/$15 w/CD that is 10 off the reg. price $12 door/$20 w/CD that is 7 off the reg. price

ALL AGES SHOW just announced with bar too! kids 12 and under will be $10 at door and $7 in advance

there are only 300 seats and 375 standing so dont miss out on this magical night sweet Acoustic Minds friends!

we've lived in Portland our whole lives and love your support... this night celebrates our new adventures to Europe with the band and San Francisco later next year as we embark on our journey we are raising funds to get us there!

Check back to Acoustic Minds for our Kick Starter get us to Europe video we have almost 1900 fans on this page so that means if each of you donated just $10 we would have our goal and what an easy donation to allow us to follow our dream with the entire band for 2 months in Europe... for a cup of coffee or a lunch... :)

We have been contacted by some great people who want us involved in a Breaking Thru Artists Showcase at the Bedford in London. This is a historic venue for all artists and BBC records and photographs the entire ALL AGES FREE SUNDAY EVENT! let your UK Friends know we are comn!!

This night is one not to be missed please spread the word and watch out for the donation video

Much love to you and sorry for the lengthy post! ♥

Jenni and Amanda and the band Acoustic Minds