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Heads on my wall

New single Heads on my Wall released! Check it out


Now you can watch no less than 4.. YES 4 lovely LaDiDa videos here on Reverb Nation. There's Dance, Idiot and the newly recorded Mercy Fuck. All from our self-titled debut album. There's also a rather tasty version of Mercy Fuck live from Sticky Fingers club in Gothenburg. So get over to our videos page for some of that!

A gig at Clooney's

Well, it's always nice when the owner of the place actually lets you in to play the gig... and we needed to be saved by the bassist in The Volcano due to the bass guitar dying just before we were about to start... But as soon as we hit the first chords there were happily bouncing folk and a great vibe in that dark, dark club.. But we like dark clubs. And we really liked this one. A return booking is on the cards.. So watch this space Clooney-ites.

Live at Heart

So we were back in Örebro for Live at Heart this year. Fantastic to see a whole town completely overtaken by live music. Open air stages and every bar, club, pub, restaurant swell with the sounds of a thousand sweaty musos giving their soul. We were up at 2pm in the sunshine in the town square and then 10pm in the much more familiar environment of a small, dark stage at O'Leary's, where the tempos lifted and the energy raised. Great gigs. Thanks to everybody who came and saw us on both stages. Get over to our Facebook page for pictures and stories from the event. Excellent festival, great day!

A new page...

After having most of the spring and summer off, it has been great to get back to playing tunes again.. Crashing through our old faves and writing new songs. We decided to change our name and freshen up the band (even Rat had a shave and cleaned his teeth extra specially) and we'll finally be releasing our album this Autumn. A new page in our history and literally a new page cos Facebook wouldn't let us change the name of our old one. Exciting times ahead!

Rehearsals ahoy!

A frenzied period of rehearsals ahead as we get our claws out for the coming gig with Riddarna at Sticky Fingers in Gbg. First gig with Erik Fastén (ex. Smash it Up) swinging the drums. Can't wait...

New Year, New Tunes

So we kicked off new year in the way we intend to continue.. New Year's day straight into our little studio to lay down vocals on the demos we recorded towards the end of last year. We've got ideas leaking out of the walls here so tune in for some new tuneage soonage....

Night of the living cats..

A fanastic night amidst the bamboo in Kontiki bar.. The tiny stage was filled with cables, pedals, ukeleles, guitars and beer. There was the mannequin with the monkey mask poking out from behind the cajon, 2 kazoos and a skull, a saw, a music box and a shiny silver computer. What did we and our friends do with that lot? If only you'd been there to see :) Magic night.. Bands, DJs, jesters, kids and assorted pic n mix punters to boot. :)

Acoustic gig at Doc Lounge

So there we were surrounded by chandeliers, art deco and all manner of culturites doing acoustic swing punk and upholstering our tunes from twisted, metal park benches into fat chesterfield sofa pieces. Thoroughly enjoyable. We simply must do it more often my deeeeeaaarrrrr.

Reeperbahn Festival

We love Hamburg.. There is STUFF going on.. and we were smack in it at Planet Pauli bar on Reeperbahn. It was chaos on the street with bars spilling out all over the place and chaos onstage as we managed to knock the keyboard off it's stand, spill beer, rip the computer power cable out and whoever was supposed to fix the stage together had obviously taken a day off, leaving Rat's stage riser heading off back in the direction of Gothenburg after only 3 songs. But would you rather see a show where we all sit down and sip Pimms instead?? Cheers to Nemis club /Studieframjändet for al their work putting the night together.