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Gig Schedule

I am currently working on getting all my live shows up for this summer/fall season. I have a lot of shows with Last Fair Deal coming up, and a few with Spaghetti Cake as well. Jesse and I are doing one private show in July, and I will be in Seattle later in the year to work on Karmen Buttler's record, and I'm sure this will include a couple live shows up there as well. Stay tuned!

The Obligatory Third-Person Biography - Part 2

2003 brought another reunion to the table for him. Todd's first band was with childhood friend Glen Nelson (circa 1894), and the two called their Drums and Keyboard outfit "High Adventure." Using a beat up boombox with a line in as a PA, the two switched off drums and keys and covered their favorite tunes by Van Halen, Slade, Night Ranger and other 80's pop/rock bands. Their performances were limited to a live "Veteran's Day World Tour - a day when the world comes to us" in 1984 and a party with all their middle school pals in attendance. Glen had gone on to form family-friendly rock band "Spaghetti Cake" with his wife Sue, and Todd happily filled their vacant bassist slot in 2003 and has been performing and recording with Spaghetti Cake ever since.

In 2006 Glen and Todd revisited childhood with an original prog-rock homage to Star Wars called "Farm Boy" which was featured on theForce.net, a huge Star Wars fan site. in 2008, just weeks before the release of the fourth Indiana Jones film, the two decided to return to the genre or childhood-hero-homage, and wrote "The Ballad of Indiana," a love letter to Dr. Jones, and the boys' most popular single to date. With thousands of downloads from their highadventuremusic.com web site and being featured on The Indy-Cast, The Force-Cast and MacCast podcasts, as well as being interviewed on WAMC FM radio on the Roundtable, with Joe Donanhue.

2003 also presented another fantastic opportunity for Todd to play with yet another talented songwriter, Karmen Buttler. When the two became friends after meeting in Williamstown, MA, a performing and recording collaboration was born. The two played a number of duet shows - some with Todd supporting Karmen's original songs on bass, guitar and backing vocals, and others where they played a mixture of original and cover material led by one or the other - and the fall of 2008 will see Todd and Don Gunn co-producing and playing on Karmen's upcoming second album release.

The Obligatory Third-Person Artist Biography

Todd Howard has been playing music by ear since he could reach up to the piano keys. Focusing mostly on piano and drums during his teen years, he was awarded a full scholarship to attend The Greater Hartford Academy of the Performing Arts, in Hartford, CT, to study music. After spending his Junior year at the Academy playing piano, he turned to electric bass as his main instrument. Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee and his father's bluegrass-fusion band Last Fair Deal's many bass players were strong early influences. He learned harmony singing from listening to the Beatles and by hearing his parents sing together throughout his childhood. He was 5 years old when his dad met Tom and Phil and joined Last Fair Deal, and his mom, Sandi, was always singing harmony in the house whether Todd and his brother Jesse were watching the Muppets, listening to Kiss or The Beatles, or writing their own songs - a opus of homages as it were - to their complete collection of Star Wars action figures.

Todd graduated high school in the late 80's, and he co-founded the Connecticut-based rock trio Gaillion (with Don Gunn and Jim Vasquenza), and released "Admit One" on their own label in 1989. Todd still writes music with Don to this day, although the two collaborate bi-coastally by sending Logic project files to one another over the Internet. Todd has also collaborated for many years with his younger brother Jesse, and they performed and recorded as a four-piece band called Mobile Home and as an acoustic duo throughout most of the 90's when the brothers lived in Seattle and on Martha's Vineyard. While out in the northwest, Todd also produced and co-edited an independent feature film, which was written and directed by Jesse, called "The Trouble with Boys and Girls."

Todd returned to New England in the fall of 2002, and began to get together with Paul and Tom to jam, and brought his 5-string bass sound to the acoustic LFD fold. After two or three sessions, it became apparent that the opportunity to play music professionally with his old man was at hand, and Paul and Tom realized that there could be a bona-fide Last Fair Deal reunion. After a few Friday jams with Phil, it was clear that it was time to move forward into a whole new era of LFD. Todd really enjoys being part of the string band that used to play and sing in his living room when he was a kid.