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More Songs Coming Soon!

We have the first three tracks of our 7 track concept album streaming, but theres still four tracks to be heard! What we have uploaded is the darkest side to our release, and these next four finish the story. What are the other songs like? We still have the unpredictable "Setting Echoes In Motion Part II"; the psychedelic ambient energy of "Nothing But You Made It Out Alive", which features violin bow guitar, a slightly jazzy bassline, and a big finish with backwards guitar solos; "Sarah", the slightly 60s inspired conclusion to the concept; and "Bathed In Moonlight", an ambient poetry track inspired by Listener. Be sure to check it out when the entire release is up! Our intro song will be available for free download soon, and the rest of the tracks will be available for purchase. Were looking at doing a few shows as soon as we can, so if youre local, check back for show dates or help hook us up!