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Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung and fizzled out... So now they call it sprinter. No one can say when seasons end. Commit and call it winter. Only God knows for sure when Spring will spring and that goes for summer and every other thing. So if spring has sprung as days of old.... Why is my butt so darn cold???!!! Sprinter!0_0

Back on the Scene!

I've been writing feverishly sharpening my song writings skills under the watchful eye of Mr. Bobby Eli and Mr. Darnell Jordan. I am back and ready for CD number 2 Transformation Truth! Stay tuned!


One brother helping another, Christmas... Everyone loving each other...Christmas... Unconditional respect for Father and Mother... Christmas. A state of mind... Love of mankind... compassion refined... true love divine... Yours and Mine! Christmas!! God bless and have a Merry Christmas

In the Darkest Hour

In the darkest hour he is with you... standing at the healm of your life, let go of the wheel stand firm and be still and He'll bring you through any strife. How great is our God... There is none with his power, and no other can save you in your darkest hour! Patricia L. Remember, if you pray don't worry but if you worry than there is no need to pray. God hears your prayers and answers them.

The time is at hand people!

There are people attacking and eating peoples faces! I try to keep my blogs positive but holy cow, where are we? Need I really ask, boy oh boy it is almost done. God bless each and everyone be safe. Patricia L.

Lessons Learned

God is amazing... free falling into his glory is just fantastic. The simplest thing in the world... just give it over to Him and he will work it out. After the chastening we are free! God bless and good night!


Today so many people talk about what they want concerning relationships... This is my tip of the day: Ask yourself what do you bring to the table in all areas? It will change your life. God bless.

Today was a lovely day!!

The blessings just keep on coming! I am humbled by Gods awesome power! I pray that everyone had a day like mine!! God Bless!!!! Patricia L.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston... Dead at 48 years old. My prayers go out to the Houston/Brown family, May our Lord God keep you in his way. Peace and blessings to you all. Patricia L.

The Blessings are now!

No matter what you're going through, remember that the Blessings are now! In the midst of your struggle! There is freedom in knowledge Peace!