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Introducing the debut of Indie Futuristic Electropop Powerhouse: NNXT

In the last few months, we’ve been scouring the planet to find music that needs to be heard over and over. Not an easy task, as you know. We did find a very rare gem that we’d like to introduce you. She’s a one-woman electropop powerhouse who writes, produces and records all of her music. We present to you… NNXT.

Her debut single “DRNK TXTNG” has already attracted some online buzz with its obvious internet meme appeal. What really sticks is that the song actually has more layers to it. Yes, it’s fun. We dance to it a bunch in the office. By the time she screams “I gotta couple songs out of you”, we’re rooting for NNXT to win!

The DigSin team can specifically remember when we first heard “DRNK TXTNG” and how we spent days just trying to get the song out of our heads. Needless to say, we knew we found something special. So take a listen to NNXT and we are warning you now, this song is going to be playing on repeat in your head all day long.

For more info on NNXT go to NNXTmusic.com.