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From the Department of Redundancy Department

With the country tottering on financial ruin, with gas prices soaring and home prices declining and with the pending Mayan prediction for doomsday this December 21… what can the average person do (other than do Christmas early)??? Well one thing could save us… . Go (and tell all your friends to do the same) to Bottom Dollar Boy$ Facebook page (or ScrapIron Songsmith Reverbnation page) and make sur...e you “like”(or fan) them. Some of you (the cynical) may say this is a cheap and insensitive stunt just to gain a few more fans (I’m shocked you would think such!)… but believe me, this may be our only hope to save the Earth, humankind, the universe and our dimension from eternal ruin! Also ya might get to hear some good roots music to boot. Do you want to take the chance of eternal doom by not acting on such a simple task? I didn’t think so! . Note: learning the blog.