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Its been a whole 5 years since I released my 1st mixtape entitled: Reverse the Curse Volume 1. I pretty much came out of nowhere had many people in the city of Boston buzzing about my music. Unfortunately the life of an independent artist is difficult because all the funding is maintained yourself. I had to take a step back from music so that I could take care of my daughter. Since then I have a ridiculous amount of music recorded that has not been released and I will now give my friends and fans that stuck by me what they have been long awaited for. 1st up is Reverse the Curse 2: ELEVATORMUSIC. This is a 14 track cd unlike my 1st cd is ALL ORIGINAL MUSIC. Most of the production is done by a Boston producer named Scotty B. Its important in my opinion to make original songs because it shows your creative value as an artist. I am proud of the way the music came together its a dope sound not to mention I worked with some of the best talent in this state: Erin Daneele, Termanology, Millyz, BR, Easy Money, Chilla Jones, and Young Rich. I am very excited to hear the feed back on this cd especially since I have so much more great music on the way!