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Having begun

As time goes on a music project can only overcome and change or disappear with countless other that are but a puff of smoke in our lifetime. Exorsus is now two members in stead of one. The projects progression is inevitable as it's drive is unrelenting. From time to time it may seems like things we do in life are "just beginning" or "getting started" but ...all of life is a beginning. What comes our way exorsus' promise is to be in your face with brutality... Stay tuned....


I decided to release Realities after I compiled a few songs that I felt really good about. I always liked the name Exorsus for a project because it's Latin for "Begun" among other variations of that. I feel that no matter what I do musically as life goes on, I still feel new to it, like I'm "just beginning" and only scraping the surface of what could be learned. "Realities" is just that - no sugar coating life. making lemonade out of the lemons. Also is why I love metal music itself. It's in your face with nothing to hide. No sugar coating the ugly truths of life.