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Last night was awesome with Wayne Hancock was awesome!

Last night, we opened up for Wayne Hancock along with The Bohannons. We had a great time both onstage and off and loved hanging out with Wayne "The Train". Anyway, we're playing on the third stage at Muddy Roots Festival. Y'all come and dance with us up there on Labor Day Weekend. Music starts Friday afternoon and goes until Sunday night. Cover charge for the entire weekend is $80 right now, but get them fast because they will be $90 soon. Thank you very much to Angie Payne who owns At This Moment Photography. She is currently doing our photos and assisting in the design and production of hard copies, such as posters, flyers and handbills. She does awesome work and we are looking forward to working with her for a long time.

Getting the ball rolling faster.

Howdy, y'all! Greetings from Bad Pink Studios in the horribly shaded house in the NW Ga suburbs of Chattanooga. We finally dusted off the notebooks and microphones and as a result, we wrote and recorded a few songs. That's the good news! The bad news is after they were recorded at Sloanzone Studios in East Tennessee, the computer went out. But it will be fixed soon and the mixing will be completed shortly thereafter. In the meantime, we hastily re-recorded "Little Field" on my little workstation and it sounds decent. Give it a listen. We'll even let you download it for free until Sat, June 16, 11:59 pm. In the next few weeks, a higher quality audio and performance will be released for There are also other songs coming for streaming, including better versions of "The Biscuits Song" and "Burn", as well as "Forget About the Girl". We will re-record all these songs for sale at a later date and we're looking into doing them at an analog studio in Middle Tennessee, possibly releasing them on vinyl as well as CD, MP3, iTunes (?) and cassette tape. We are playing the Rusty Gold Rod Run at Camp Jordan in East Ridge, Tennessee on Saturday September 22, 2012 @ noon. There will be bikes, cars and guitars. Admission is $5 and it's $10 to show a bike and $20 to show a car. There will also be a swap meet and who knows what else? We will almost definitely be playing at least one more show before then, but the date and place is yet to be determined. We have set the ball rolling to get a fairly well known underground country artist to come to Chattanooga. It is now more or less out of our hands but the prospects are looking good. We'll give you more details if this show materializes.

First post

Howdy, folks! Taylor here. Just set up this page and posted our first demo recorded a few months ago. There is show coming soon and I'm waiting on the venue to officially confirm the date on Facebook. More songs are coming soon as well as a Facebook fan page. Hope you enjoy the little cheeseball number we've posted, it's fun and makes you want to dance!

Kevina Kay Green
Kevina Kay Green  (over 6 years ago)

what a wonderful drummer and i ll bet she is smoking hot!!