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Level 2014: Long time coming

After some difficulties at the end of the year, we managed to make it through to 2014. The main there this year is the release of the new album. After all the recording, mixing, and mastering, it's finally going to happen.

Along with that, the "new" songs started playing in 2013 are starting to become the regular songs. The next batch of recording is coming soon. Album #2 has already started taking shape.

Things will get moving more when the snow is gone, but it's getting exciting now. Bring it, 2014.

Level 2013: Two years strong

Around September time in 2011, we were finally all in one place at the same time. For about a year or two prior, Krissy had been talking about starting up a project for her songs. Good ideas and a little luck brought us together, and after the first couple jams, we already knew what to do.

We called ourselves Dock Ellis, after the Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher who threw a no-hitter while tripping on LSD. After a couple months we found a new name that suited us better and was fun to say: Banging Fragiles. Must be Italian.

After two years, we experienced great musical moments with beautiful and amazing people. Without a doubt, we're ready to do more in the next chapters of our future. Our first album is complete and will be pressed on proper vinyl later this year. We're plotting the paths for our first tour ever. Album #2 will begin recording in early 2014.

We're upgrading. Enjoy the new features!

Level 2012: Begin!

Welcome to the new year! We're ready for another go-round with winter, and so far 2012 is a peach. Let's see how long this holds up. Hopefully it'll last into the weekend for our next show. This Saturday we're sharing the bill at The Stone Tavern in beautiful Kent, Ohio.

Saturday, January 14th 2012 Stone Tavern 110 E. Main St, Kent OH Show @ 9:00 PM FREE

In addition to a new show, we're also staring the year off with a new song. Be sure to go check out "Time Eater" in our song list. Expect to hear this and more on our new album, coming soon later this year!


Until next time, true believers...

And so, it begins!

Hello and welcome to the Banging Fragiles BFlog! We're getting started with our crazy manifesto scribblings about cats, tacos, beer, and more. This will be the soapbox for band news, genius ideas, and other related thoughts until our full website is launched. Read and enjoy!

As we move our little plastic station wagon through this game of Life, we experience many firsts. First job, first kiss, first high score, first blog post, you get the drift. But there's nothing quite like the feel of the first show with a band. There may have been times before where one has taken the stage, but this will be the night that will live on for years to come.

On the first show, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. There's a building expectation as the show slowly approaches that can cut like a double-edged sword. It's good to hype up and get excited to leave the crowd screaming for more, but the mental image of how things will go down never lives up to the real. When the show doesn't pan out the way it's supposed to, it's easy to get frustrated and disappointed.

Whatever happens, to coin the enlightened words of Douglas Adams, don't panic! It's expected that strings will break and amps will get blown. It's common to forget lyrics and notes, even after playing the same song for the past four months in practice. If you're a broke, unsigned, and unknown group like us (and like all new bands), the audience will be (if not close to) non-existent. Who cares? This is the first of many performances, and they will only get easier. There will be mistakes (many, many mistakes), but you'll know better for next time.

So, does that mean that the live debut of Banging Fragiles on Saturday December 17th will end in catastrophic disaster? Will The Vortex in Akron be reduced to rubble with the destroyed bodies of Voxcaster, Arlandria, and One Armed Bandit trapped inside? You'll have to show up at 8:00 PM see for yourself! It will be memorable.

BTW, if you are coming to show, please let us know and we'll reserve a ticket for you for FREE. It gets you into the show for FREE. Otherwise, you'll have to pay at the door. Did we mention that the tickets are FREE?

Banging Fragiles, Voxcaster, Arlandria, One Armed Bandit Saturday, December 17 2011 The Vortex Concert Club and Lounge 1167 Brittain Rd. Akron OH Doors @ 8:00 PM, Show @ 9:00 PM $10 or FREE w/ticket