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Doing Me???

Never quite liked the phrase, "I'm doing me!" It sounds so generation X, childish, bitter and somewhat vain. I get it though, it serves the purpose of letting others know that where you once did it all for others-you're now taking the time for self...Taking time for self...that IS what I am doing; however, I do not wish to lose sight of the GREATER picture-the fact that in everything I do, essentially is NOT for me...Yes, a difficult concept to accept at times, but the reality for ME, is that I hope to please my Creator...to serve HIM...in all I do. This, I am able to accomplish, by serving others...doing for others ;) So, yeah, every now and then I need to take time for myself, to make sure I'm fit and on the right track-renewed, refreshed, and equipped to get done what needs to get done. But, in the end, my ultimate goal in life is to make someone else's life...make sense. Therefore, if I resort to "doing me"-it's because I'm seeking to be READY for you!

I, Virgo
I, Virgo  (over 4 years ago)

Loved reading this. Preach!

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