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Official New Endorser Annoucement \m/

In case you didn't know Event Horizon attended Namm this past year thanks to our amazing sponsor Mass Destruction Clothing(http://massdestructioninc.com/) While we were there we met with S.I.T. (Stay in Tune Strings) this string company is badass! and make some amazing strings for some of our favorite players such as Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Max Cavalera(Soulfly, Sepulura, Cavalera Conspiracy) Willie Adler(Lamb Of God) and much more, it's an honor to be in business with this company, nothing but love \m/ here is the official announcement video last Saturday at our last show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r3upBUFSec&list=LLO6lEOQ2RL18pFzepF2neBg&feature=mh_lolz

WE ARE IN!!!!!!! \m/

Whats up everyone! We got a call today from Hard Rock Rising and.........We made it to the next round!!!!! we want to thank all of our fans for voting for us, and spreading the word about us! \m/ we will get details as to which day we will be playing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood and as soon as we know we will let you know. Its a huge honor for us to be qualifying, we are the Only band not from LA in this competition and the only band of our genre so this is amazing thank you so much! we love you \m/ :D


We want to take a moment and thank our wonderful fans!!!! We were just Informed that we broke into the top 10 metal bands in all of the high desert o Reverbnation, in fact we are number 8!!! so thank you so much!! You can now download Singularity for free! In other news we will be back in studio for the full length album starting this Saturday! We will keep you updated so...till next time stay metal! \m/

1st song on Reverbnation!! \m/

well its about time right? the 1st song from Event Horizon that has been uploaded onto Reverbnation!! It is called Tribulation!! Check it out! its heavy and thrashy as all hell! it is off of our EP you will be able to also download this song for....ready for this? FREE!!!!!! so give it a listen! this one is all yours =)


Whats up ladies and gents!! quick update for you all! we are going to be playing at the Race n Rock Event on September 28th, 29th and 30th on main stage!! The event will be at San Bernardino County Grounds! Here is the website for tickets and info! thank you :D http://racenrock.com/