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Nearing Closer to the EP Release!

So, it's November 2nd, and we getting closer and closer to the release of our debut EP release! We can't wait to share the details of the new album, and all will be revealed within the next couple weeks...

Bringing Black Metal to the Desert...

Not only are we different in the Phoenix scene for being heavily influenced by black metal, but also because we have a great variety of vocals; male and female--clean singing and screaming. The music is also just as diverse, giving you, the listener something different, submersing you into a new world that we've created.

We have a currently un-named 5-track EP coming out later this year, and next year, we plan on playing live shows. Be amongst the first to discover PsychoBliss, and please check out both of the songs we've uploaded here on ReverbNation in anticipation of our official release.