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Let the Music Lead by Rockin Flute @RockinFlute on Twitter

Let the Music Lead - RF

Drive me to play for those who want to feel.

Feel the sharing of music.

Share the joy that God gives through music. If God did not want me here, I would not be here. Play to play in heaven some day.

Do not judge me. Language not suitable for children concerns me when they are present. I am not a saint, therefore, my language can only reflect my environmental shelter and shall not impede upon your individualism.

My downfall as a serious musician is that I am a fool for laughter. I am a fool for laughter. That's how I fell in love with the blues. Blues' satire begs the need for humor in our lives.

When you raised boys to men, owned companies, built buildings, managed law firms and trained paralegals, where do you begin again?

From the beginning, with experience and a little bit of knowledge.

Developed tones of soul and passion. Let the music lead.

Put me in the studio. I will add diversity to your songs. Put me on stage. I will take over for a brief moment and fade into the background the next to harmonize and follow. Unleash me to dominate the stage, and they will dance and laugh! I love them back.

On autographs, I have no clue why, but I sign them with a smile. ;-D

I am no one, everyone and someone. Identifiable. Let the music lead!

Rockin Flute