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Summer in the studio

We're finally hitting the studio hard to capture tracks for our second album. Were working hard to capture the live vibe, and also develop our recording style. We've developed a drum mic setup now that will capture Jon's drumming style, and give him complete control over the final drum mix. Jon's laid down the drum tracks to Dreamface and he is smiling again... now the rest of us have to work on developing an arrangement...

Friday we should be laying down guitar and vox tracks for Little Boy Song and Deadly Nightshade

Breath of Life CD is released for Digital Distribution

Hey everybody, our first album has finally been released! You can buy it for digital download on CD baby RIGHT NOW! We're shipping some CDs to them this week, and then you'll be able to buy the CD online at Amazon as well.

Thanks to everyone that has helped make this happen!

...and the cover painting is by my Elsa! -Dave

Breath of Life CD to be released shortly...

Folks, the final Mastering of our first album Breath of Life is nearly done! We've posted the pre-release tracks for you to enjoy while we wait for the album production to get done. Enjoy -Dave