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Music For Good

One of my 2013 "areas to improve" is personal "giving". As a Knights of Columbus member I have charitable giving opportunities every day to do "just that" through my time, talents and volunteering. I hadn't given much thought to using my music, though.

ReverbNation provides an awesome opportunity with Music For Good. Not only can I increase charitable giving through my original songwriting, but my friends and others can do the same, if they choose.

My favorite ReverbNation charity is Heiffer International because of the sustainable/renewable mission of their work. They truly "teach a man to fish".

If you see a Heart next to my songs, then I've made the song downloadable in support of this charity.

Each song download provides 56 cents to Heiffer...the remaining amount I will give. That's 100% and that rocks! God Bless! Jim

Check out artist Anne E. DeChant...

Hi all! I was in Nashville in July with co-writer-friend Terry Smith. We were there for publisher listening session with Sony and co-writing appointments. We met and had a great write with Anne E. DeChant & look forward to some cool songs from our new writing relationship...check her out on ReverbNation...Peace! Jim