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Do you like me YES or NO?

We live in a world where acceptance is key. Some way,some how,we want acceptance,human love,feel worthy,wanted,and LIKE!...Such a small word but packs a great punch!..Everyone wants to be like by someone and if this condition is not given to another,there's the feeling of rejection,feeling unwanted,rage,second guessing oneself,what is wrong with me.... Question is: do you ever stop to think,maybe there isn't anything wrong with you and it could be the other person(s)? From the great book,it is said,"Love thy neighbor as thy self" (Treat someone, the way you want to be treated)..Does this apply to someone who's walking around with vicious,spiteful,malicious and evil intent,towards another? I say NO!!! We can't be at fault for wanting to be LIKED...It's part of our DNA,our structure as human beings but NOT being LIKED is just as kool as being LIKE. You are not placed on this earth to be LIKED BY EVERYONE you run across so why let it bother you? SO what if someone doesn't like you;Life continues.. Don't get all wrapped up in your emotions from not being LIKED by a certain individual(s). Who knows,your life may just be much better with few friends in it. Be self reliant,stand up for you and LIKE YOURSELF and that question of "do you like me?",cradling the twins YES or NO, will be non-existent......

The Truth Within

As time progress, one is left to deal with the hurt,pain,confusion,misguidance and curve balls life throws at you.This causes a swirl of emotions where one tends to believe he or she is not worthy of happiness,love,or a great life... What really matters is YOU! Being true to yourself..walk with every confidence,faith and strength,... and you will see the path that is design for you.. Noone knows you like you do..How you feel,what's your dream and where you wanna be in this life... I say," walk with the truth";THE TRUTH WITHIN!!!!

New Music!!

Desire to be Inspire!! Be driven by Inspiration... Working on lyrics for a song at the moment..Hoping to record n place on my page with the hope,SoulCitilites will like it!!!