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Back to work!!!

Just posted a newer-ish song called "The Descent of Pompeii", a very rough cut of it, featuring the one and only Chris Stackowiak on drums, and Wes Hedges on bass. In the middle of recording 4 albums!!! Stay posted for more new music, and shows!!! Love, Jeff


So, I was writing/recording stuff for my second solo album but things have changed. I've put together a new band, and the songs I've written/recorded for my solo album, are now being morphed into my new group. So all in all, the next solo record is being put on hold temporarily. However, you can be expecting new music from me very soon. It will just be under a band moniker. IM SOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!! My drummer is absolutely phenomenal, and the stuff were coming up with thus far is the most exciting, creative, interesting art I've ever been a part of! Stay tuned for more details!!! Much love and respect - Jeff


7 songs deep into this album. It spans a lot of genres. While my MANATHELM EP was very consistent in it's sounds (at least in my opinion), this full length is going to cover a lot of ground. There are a couple songs that are in the vein of my EP, than there's a few keyboard driven tunes almost electronic sounding, than there are some space tunes. It's shaping up to be a very cool record. More to come

New Album in the works

Got lots of stuff written for this new album I'm recording. Got a great friend helping me with the drum programming :) Tentative song's and titles: The Descent of Pompeii, Amphibian, How'd You Get That Rifle?, Your Eyes Fall as The Earth, Once a Ghost, Pictured Clouds, (-_), Denouement..really enjoying this process


Mixing a track off my new album called "The Descent of Pompeii"....it's pretty killer