From Athens We Fled / Blog

Getting back in the studio April 6th.

Now that we have our new drummer locked in it's time to push onward. After 3 months without playing a show we are ready to perform at Club Red on March 14th.

More importantly we have new tunes ready to be recorded and will be entering the studio with Michael Beck on April 6th.

Look forward to 2 brand new tracks being released in May.

Line up change!

Things have been crazy, with some changes over the last couple months.

We parted ways with Michael Wells and Mark Gohil, our drummer and 2nd guitarist. In there place we welcome Josh Bullard as our new drummer.

We have decided to continue on as a 4 piece testing the waters of single guitar territory.

As always, thanks to everyone that continues to support us and we look forward to releasing fresh and innovative tunes for your listening pleasure.

Photoshoot with Jonny Synthetic and EP artwork.

We finished up our photoshoot last week and I must say that I enjoyed the different angle we took this time around.

Last shoot, we went with a very serious tone. Not the case for this one. It was very goofy and unscripted.

The artwork for our upcoming EP is also in the works. We feel like kids waiting for Christmas! Can't wait to finally have the final product in our hands.


The Faceless and Make Me Famous

Last Friday we had the opportunity to open for The Awful Din at Rocky Point Cantina in Tempe, AZ.

All we can say is wow, it was easily our best show yet. The support we received was astounding! The show went so well that K and Z entertainment (the promoter in charge of the show) offered us time slots for upcoming events with Make Me Famous in November and The Faceless in December. CRAZY!

We are most definitely looking forward to these shows and know we have our work cut out for us with promotion.

As always, we thank those that have made it possible for us to reach this level. We look forward to writing ever more impressive music for your listening enjoyment.

May the rock be with you \m/