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Amazing people out there!

What a Trip! just got back from Ontario and a Jam in East Van...feeling the Love here on RN...i will be Playing All of your music and need to Thank you for these Plays and fans and messages while I was away! Absolutely the Best On REVERBNATION!

Dancin' On the Wind June 20 2012

I would be very grateful to your input on this song. All criticisms welcome, as this mixing and mastering process was by far the longest...starting 5 years ago...ending tonite :) I hope you enjoy!

NEW SONGS on the eve of 13,000 plays

Today I am proud to announce the release of "Dope" Subtitled "We Can (Veros nos possumus). To be the first track on the Next CD. I am also announcing the upcoming final track (Hopefully in a day or so) on the the first cd, a collection of most of what you see here and a few others. I have had troubles recording the last track of the first cd to be released upon its completion. All titles will be finalized and I would love to hear any feed back and happy to mail cd's to anyone who messages me :) Joexo

9,890 Song Plays! Musicians and Music lovers here on Reverbnation, Thank you!

In my dreams, maybe. May 18, 2012, I believe I will see 10,000, by the days end. I am going to celebrate by asking a beautiful lady to dance, and to Blast Some Harp with Vancouvers Best Rock band: "Cease and Desist" @ the Lighthouse pub Tonite! Very special thank you here to my dear friends Overstop (SIMON rocks!) Damn Pigeon (LOVE YOU GUYS - ROCK!), Khamsina, my favorite Genius (OMG!) Renae ( and Robert John Prescott who started out with me on this journey Many years Ago, and still doesnt know about this site.

Please watch Titanic Love Video :)~TL\/~

And tell me what you think? The special effects have just been completed. There is an eagle 2/3 of the way, that comes out of a cloud, and the imagery speaks for anyone who has emerged from stormy clouds! Your input is appreciated!

7005 ! @ 9:15 PST Vancouver :)

Thank you for listening where ever you are, who ever you are :)

6,976 Songplays

Holy. April 20 was 5000+. Thank you all so MUCH! The Fans and Artists here @ Reverbnation and these song plays have changed my life :) Last Saturdays Jam @ Sanctuary was a LOUD & FUN gig! So cool to see all the Jammers who showed up and all of their friends! I had a chance to premier "Crank It! And we did!" I wear ear plugs, and I find singing @ stadium levels challenging, having become accustomed to my living room. I played William Taylor's Keyboards for a few songs, and shredded my SRV Strat, on a few of his Numbers. Please watch for my Brother Simon's band "Overstop" playing on Peak radio! Here in Beautiful BC!

New Directions

April 20, 2012 Yesterdays Land mark of 5000+ has rocked my world! Joe Williams (and the Improvisarios) feels the LOVE to name a few inspirational Phenoms!

5233 PLAYS! #44 Vancouver #400 in Canada!

I am BLOWN AWAY by this. I am thanking My dear friends starting with Hart Goetze, JP Prescott, Simon Point, Bill & Lynn Higgs and his Band; Damn Pigeon (Class #1 Band!) and Stevie Fichette of Khamsina, for support and setting a classy example. I am your friend for life!

4985 song Plays ! Gig and Giveaway announcement!

Oh God I am overwhelmed by the comments on this page ! To the 5000th Song Play ...please printscreen this page and send me a bitmap or jpeg of 4999. Free CD and free tickets to a gig @ Grand Manor In North Vancouver On Sept 22 2012*. I will be performing with friends. It is hosted by My Dear friend/soul sister/hot spring affectionado/sweet Donna Patrick, patron of the arts, and my dearest friend of over 22 years, to celebrate the Mansion's 100th birthday. I stayed here for 6 months and can testify to the magic of this heritage House on Grand Blvd In North Vancouver, which Donna now operates Grand Manor Bed and Breakfast. Damn Pigeon and Khamsina are formally invited if they happen to be in the area, as Donna has asked me to invite my musical friends. Come and be part of North Vancouver's History, and witness the land mark 100'th birthday of this 4 storey mansion with Carriage house in the heart of North Vancouver on the world famous Grand Blvd. * time and date to be confirmed:)