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The next chapter...bring on 2014!

Hello everyone, there have been some big changes in the Nuke Vegas camp recently. We have parted ways with original singer James and are proud to have David Warner on the mic now. David has done a great job so far writing lyrics to 8 or 9 songs in a month and playing his first show with us at The Alley! We hope to have some demo songs up on the page soon...till then you can hear 2 of them on soundcloud... Oh, and we have a show in the works for January! I will keep you all posted. Rock on everybody, Ben. \m/ https://soundcloud.com/david-warner-15/ginny-girl?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook

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Spring/Summer 2012

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I have posted a blog but here it is! Jesse's shoulder surgery went well and after a couple months of recovery he is back behind the drums. Nuke Vegas is now ready to rock harder than ever! Back in April we were guests on Reno's own Worst Little Podcast at Dogwater Studios and played some acoustic versions of our songs. So far in May we have appeared on the 505 Show on 99.1 FM and played at The Alley. Starting tomorrow we will be back at Dogwater Studios to record pre-production of all our original songs to send to our producer...Tim Narducci from the band Spiralarms in the bay area. Then we will pick 12 songs for a CD and start recording our debut in July!!! We also plan on playing shows in and out of the Reno area this Summer. The next show is at Davidson's Distillery on May 25th with Rock and Roll Villain Society So, that's what's been going on with us. We hope to see you out there at a show soon! Thanks for listening, Ben. \m/

2011 is coming to a close!

Well folks, it looks like we have made it through another year! It has definitely been a rough one for at least a couple of us in our personal lives. As far as Nuke Vegas goes I feel that we have taken some major steps forward. We have been joined by D. on bass, Jesse on drums and Charles on guitar. They have all helped to "enrich our brand of Radioactive Rock" and James and I are happy to have them on board! Looking ahead at 2012 we hope to cause lots of "sonic destruction and mayhem" for all of you fans. First Jesse is going to be having shoulder surgery but we plan to do a lot of writing while he recovers. We are planning to record an EP when he is back in action and play a lot of shows. We look forward to coming back stronger than ever and rocking the hell out of 2012! In the meantime, please check out our songs and let us know which are your favorites. It will help us decide what songs to record for the EP. Thanks for all your support and help spreading the word! Till next time, Ben.

Winter 2011

Hello everyone! Ben here with the scoop for the rest of the year. We have 2 shows in November: Jethros in Gardnerville on the 18th with Kut Pile and Sinister Scene then Knukleheads in Reno with Dr Mengele and Anthium! We have been writing new songs and enriching our Radioactive Rock and hope to do some recording in December.