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"fa a minute"

Practice makes perfect," I've been in it fa minute and maintain confidence. I'm not saying I'm da illest Mc out 'chere, but more than welcome the challenge. I been knew i could do this, but then you have complications that come with success. If it don't kill you, it can only make you stronger...I'm stronger now. Don't let these G-mixez/freestyles fool ya...that's just exercise...the best is still to come.

"Terrence"combacwitit Evans a.k.a."G.A.M.B.I.N.O."


i love to see my people's make it, because to me, it mean's er'body gone ball. i've never been worried about what the next man got, or doing in with a jealous perception..."get money mann" ...talkinbout

"lovin this Reverbnation"

lovin this Reverbnation...honored to be apart of this fraternity of great up & coming artist. shout out to Roundtable Records & Longbread entertainment..."N.A.T." holdin it down.

more competitive..

i think today's hip- hop industry is more competitive,because its more or less about money,but more of elite MC positioning. With the digital age booming, it's easier to compile all of the best hits you love for free. So now the artist doesn't get paid like he should because of piracy, but yet in still hip- hop thrives off MC supremacy. To be the "H.rapper.I.C." is the only thing that matter's to a true and devoted artist, although royalties never hurt. For the love of music and all that it means is so powerful and unexplainable.