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Stan Ambrose

RIP Stan Ambrose - a wonderful musician, supporter of new music and ambassador for Liverpool. We last saw him at one of the Healing Days on Lark Lane - and he was as generous with his time as ever. We - and the whole city - will miss him.

Doctor Faustus

Really looking forward to "Doctor Faustus" this weekend - Christopher Marlowe's words ring just as true today as they did 420 years ago! 7.30pm, Friday April 25th and Saturday April 26th at the Valley Community Theatre - Belle Vale, Liverpool - http://www.valleytheatre.co.uk/event-single.php?event=doctor-faustus

Science Fiction: New Death (FACT)

Science Fiction: New Death, a new exhibition at Liverpool's FACT, manages to challenge, provoke and entertain all at the same time. And it does this by posing a question: are "virtual" environments becoming indistinguishable from "reality"?

Award-winning British science fiction author China Mieville has produced a new series of short texts which have a presence in the galleries. They also inspire and inform the narrative of the overall exhibition, housed in a deconstructed movie set. With a set designed by artistic collective The Kazimier, scripts from Melville, artists as actors and the curator in the role of director (and on until June 22nd), it's one that's sure to provoke further questions in its wake. Is "sci-fi" becoming a reality? And is it a "fiction" - or something else?

A Varied Week

Went to the new, much improved and more accessible Everyman Theatre to see “Twelfth Night”. Jodie McNee (Viola) succeeded in making the whole audience fall in love with her (essential). Supported by a strong cast, her performance was truthful yet magical in its exploration of identity.

Managed to catch Colin Serjent’s exhibition at the Brink – really liked his theme of abstract nature. Went to Liverpool Acoustic Festival at The Unity on Saturday evening and saw Thomas J Speight, who was great as always, and collaborating with Natalie McCool (who has a gorgeous voice). Saw Paul Dunbar, who was really powerful – as were TJ and Murphy. To top the evening, Ian McNabb did a set that was truly primal and dead funny.

Hazel O'Connor support gig

Thank you to everyone who came to see us support Hazel O’Connor last night at the Liverpool O2 Academy. It was great to see so many people.

Threshold Festival

Really enjoyed playing the Liverpool Threshold Festival yesterday. thanks to everyone who came to see us and those that stayed to see us! Also, big thanks to all those volunteers who made it possible.

Parlour in the Sun EP

Geoghegan Jackson hope you like two tracks from their Parlour in the Sun EP?