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Agabus On Stageit.com July 13th

Weekend greetings from Camp Agabus! We trust you all have a wonderful 4th of July. Please join us on July 13th for "An Acoustic Evening With Agabus". You can view this LIVE, intimate show from wherever you are in the big ol' world via the world Wide Web. This half hour show will be broadcast on stageit.com and is at 7:00 CST. This is a "pay what you want" show. You can pay a nickel or you can pay 2 million nickels. But, ya still gotta' have a ticket. And, to get your ticket, you have to form an account with stageit.com....only takes a few minutes though. Once you form your stageit.com account, you can then purchase "notes" to buy your ticket. If anyone encounters any difficulty, please email Ray at; info@allthingsagabus.com and I'll troubleshoot with you.

Here is the link to get your ticket: http://www.stageit.com/agabus/an_acoustic_evening_with_agabus/24566

Hope you all can join us. Have a great weekend!

Agabus Gets Humbled

Guy Clark said that he and Townes could always humble themselves by reading some Dylan Thomas. I can always humble myself by listening to some Guy and Townes. Lordy.

New Agabus Record

Tracking for the new Agabus record began this week on music row. Look for a spring release. In the meantime, listen to, and/or purchase tracks from "It Ain't Easy Being Me" right here on reverbnation.


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