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Detours Make for Adventure

Last you probably had heard, JHOFF was done. And for a moment in time we were flat lining and coming close to death. Tension between the artist caused a consultation and discussion on the future of Johnny Hoffman and the Residents. I had never seen such a heated yet honorable discussion between such people.

So Here is the scoop;

Frico- Was called out for his partying and consistent bad attitude at their shows and public events. Causing too many problems and giving out a bad name. NOW Frico is clean and sober and you see the results. Xander- Will no longer be a member of the band due to personal interests. He will be pursuing his art and we wish you the best of luck.

JHOFF had picked up a new drummer! MC has been involved very consistently. THE SOUND IS AMAZING. Johnny Hoffman and the Residents are on the rise to the future of success.

Death To Jhoff

New music is under review. It will be finalized within a month. Currently Xander and Johnny working on an artistic outlook on individual tracks. Music Videos Will be Released in Time...JhoffVision will also continue. We just hit the floor running on this one.

Thanks to all the Die Hard Residents Who continue to support. This is For you.

Sorry For the Wait , NEW MUSIC SOOON!

Summer Time We are Running

This winter was cold, Called it. Not only did we as a band mature we obtained "tunnel vision" on the next step. But we became closer with our following which are always & forever loved. Jhoff is now currently in Preparation of Releasing the "Sun" album. Radio Interviews, Music Videos, and Shows will get us to the goal of 1,000 FB likes. Once Completed. Album will be released to iTunes.com

Thank You all for Love and Support,


Summer is sadly done and has gone far away. Although, through this upcoming cold weather we had found a way to warm hearts. Recently we have Media and its hot stuff. Enjoy Residents!

**Article by EastPortlandBlog http://www.eastportlandblog.com/2012/10/11/johnny-hoffman-and-the-residents-at-studio-seven-great-show-hot-photos-by-holly-homan/

**Interview & Feature in WarpedMAG Featured & Interview in WarmedMAG http://warpedmag.com/johnny-hoffman-and-the-residents-tippin/

Aug 24 Friday....Goodbyes

We had performed a very crazy show at the Creatives. the whole underground scene came out in support. We had a tight ass Merchandise Stand. The Sound of all the bands were great. MOSHING.sweat.BLOOD Daizee bled=( ITS OUR LAST ALL AGES SHOW FOR A WHILE IN EVT

Gorilla Warfare

We thank our Fans. Friends, and Family.We have a Support system and A Strong following, which means we have eyes on us. Stage Fright. Gorilla Music an Ohio based bandit. Putting on young bands at shitty venues to take all the money.We were blind, but now can see. Now that money goes to our 'videos and Merchandise! We Put it to the man! We appreciated the help. Not getting taken advantage of! Those fuckin Gorillas! -the JHOFF crew


July 27th Friday is JHoff first bar show. not that's we haven't partied and played with y'all 21 + Dudes, but now we are Here and Doing it way WAY better.


Obama was in Seattle for a Convention and Traffic Was shitty. 2 hours and 45 minutes late shitty...

NOV @ Studio 7

November 20th, Johnny Hoffman will be playing in a Battle of the Bands Seattle. Come see US. 8$ presale, 10$ at door. 4-midnight event. 9 bands. fuck yeah