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Sorry for the Wait

More music coming soon! I took down 2 classics for the meantime because they need to be re-recorded but they will be back in no time! I also have a lot of new stuff coming soon so keep an eye out.

HAVOK HEARTZ  (over 5 years ago)

YO WAZ GOOD!!😎.. I believe I asked you awhile ago if you would be interested in collaborating!!..but I could be wrong Lol...but yo checkout my tracks and let me know if you would down😎

I'm looking for (vocals)😎

Everyone is a Critic

I've been hearing a lot of negative feedback from my listeners lately. It's completely okay though because I need that in order to become even better. Keep in mind that I'm still new and I'm in the experimental stage...I will get better and you will see my face a lot more often some day! Why do you think I left the salon to go to Full Sail University? I want this and I know I'll get there so thanks for the encouragement!

My Art

I don't make my music to please anyone other than myself. It is my passion, my art, my creation and my ventilation. I appreciate any critiques I may receive and I don't think I'm the best artist in the world, etc. however, I am simply stating that no matter what anyone thinks of my music, it is still my music and that will never change.