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Backstage Pass - Los Angeles - January 2013

Hi Everybody, By now you know we are heading to L.A. in a few days for our International tour performing a bunch of shows and to film our music video!!! We are super excited!!! As you can imagine we have worked our asses off to get to this point. But we made it... well almost. We need to sell 50 tickets for The Whiskey a Go Go show on Saturday Jan 26th 2013 in order to perform at this legendary venue. Being from Canada our fan base in L.A. is limited and we need your help. Below is a link to purchase a $10 ticket to the Whiskey a Go Go. I know what you're thinking...why would I want to buy a ticket to a show I can't attend? Well its simple, because you love us!!! Also, because MJB is somewhat unknown in L.A. and it will make it very difficult for us to sell tickets. By you purchasing a ticket we can get one ticket to someone in L.A. who has never heard of us before to come to our show at The Whiskey a GO GO. We will have more success giving out tickets to people who are interested in attending but may not want to commit to purchasing a ticket. This will help us win them over in L.A. Please, we are asking for a 10 dollar donation so we can show L.A. how much we rock and how loved we are by our city.

If you could find it in your heart to purchase a ticket or two or ten (ha ha) we would be forever grateful and you can feel proud knowing that you have helped The Marc Joseph Band's tour in L.A. Here's the link!


In addition we will be documenting this tour with our camera crew for our upcoming documentary/music video release, just saying :).

Thank you all so much for you love and support! We have amazing fans :)

Our current schedule in Los Angeles has us playing

- Kulak's Woodshed Thursday January 24th 2013 8pm - The Joint Friday January 25th 2013 9pm - Whiskey a Go Go Saturday January 26th 2013 9pm - Amplyfi February 3 8pm

If you're in the LA area please attend some of our upcoming shows!

Backstage Pass - November 2012

The Marc Joseph Band has been super busy lately so heres a brief update on what we've been up to and what is coming soon.

First and foremost, following our debut album release MJB hit the ground running focusing on distribution and exposure through various media outlets. In the past 3 months, we have had appearances on The Humble & Fred Radio show (twice, with a third appearance upcoming in January). Great guys, good times, podcasts available on iTunes! We also hung out with Roger Ashby of ChumFM and played the CP24/ChumFM Christmas Wish benefit. Next were several magazine & video interviews including Musiclynk, Little Miss Spanglish, Rolston Rye and more......

Recently we had a formal meet and greet with Coalition Music (Simple Plan, Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven) and look forward to spending some time with them over the next few months..

Our album "Breathe" has been submitted to the Junos, and the Independent Music Awards (fingers crossed).

November 22nd MJB hosts "Stache for Cash, A Movember to Remember" to raise money for prostate cancer research and men's health. Admittance is free, however being that it is a fundraiser, a suggested donation of $20 is encouraged at the door. This event will be held downtown Toronto at Alleycatz, 2409 Yonge St. 8pm.

MJB will be in Los Angeles in January, and then Las Vegas into February, look for us at the NAMM Conference!!

2013 will be an action packed year as we kick The Marc Joseph Band into high gear........more to come soon!!


Backstage Pass - August 13

+ The Hard Rock Café called. It’s looking for its roof. The Marc Joseph Band blew it up Saturday night with a chartbusting concert that showcased its original music to diehard fans who erupted at the first chord and kept the joint jumping until the final note of the night. The months of crazy hours, exhaustive studio sessions and too many “is it pizza or subs for dinner?” nights while completing the first album all manifested into pure onstage intensity and an outpouring of fan appreciation. Frontman Marc Joseph led the love-in with his electric moves and signature hair tosses, anointing fans with precious beads of hard-earned sweat. Opening with the title song, Breathe, fans surprised the band by joining in the chorus, “Sometimes I feel like running away from it all.” But no one was giving up any real estate in front of this stage, this night. They were holding on to every inch of their location, location, location. Moving to a slower burn with their second song, Flower in a Box followed by City Lights (a sure-fire hit), the band then fire bombed the senses with the epic, Man of Steel, a Formula 1 thunder alley rush. They closed out the first set with Reckless, the Canadian party equivalent to Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night, sans any Peas and quiet. Fair warning: it won’t be long before university and college kids get in touch with their inner sh_t-disturber kicking it to Reckless, beer in hand and rebel in heart. “What?” They’ll say, blaming their randomness on the Marc Joseph Band’s lyrical permission to tear it up. Parents, get the bail money ready. The whole concert experience had the wow factor. A great stage lighting system upgraded the show’s presentation while elbow wars at the band’s merchandise tables gave an authentic rock concert feel in between sets. Fans in attendance were all treated to a free copy of the Breathe CD, a generous offer enthusiastically accepted – some would say hoarded – by fans. Rounding out the intensity on stage was Dave Meffe on drums, Andy Melo on lead guitar, Dave Ongena on bass and Alyssa Delurey as female lead singer. They all hit their marks Saturday night and have it in them to deliver consistently as venues and demand for their performances grow. The band’s second set of popular covers kept the dance floor hopping reminding everyone that this band’s talent can now fill the big stage. Check out the band’s website for show dates www.marcjosephband.ca and to purchase songs from the album, visit http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/themarcjosephband. Fans can find the Marc Joseph Band at: http://www.themarcjosephband.ca http://www.facebook.com/themarcjosephband http://www.twitter.com/marcjosephband http://www.reverbnation.com/themarcjosephband http://www.youtube.com/themarcjosephband http://www.myspace.com/themarcjosephband

Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/blog/17790#ixzz23UC72ZnT

Backstage Pass - July 22

TORONTO’S MARC JOSEPH BAND LAUNCHES SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER EP   July 10, 2012   Toronto, ON:​Canada’s music scene heats up this summer as the Marc Joseph Band prepares to launch its blockbuster EP, Breathe, July 28 at the iconic Hard Rock Café before a sold out crowd. While this is the first all-original EP, this high octane band is well known and revered for its interpretation of covers, surprising fans by infusing R& B beats to rock classics and Latin accents to contemporary Top 40 hits. Fans can believe the hype as the Marc Joseph Band dials up excitement in anticipation of Breathe, a sure-footed creative leap forward for the ethno-Canadian band that never fails to deliver. The EP’s line up boasts the band’s incredible breadth of talent. Songs span a diverse musical landscape, moving effortlessly between sentimental love songs and heart pounding rock. Its title song, Breathe, is a sure-fire hit, with a memorable chorus and beat; City Lights is an upbeat love ballad with great, unexpected hooks; Man of Steel is summer’s “windows-rolled-down-fist pumping” driving beat; Seasons ventures back to love with a delicate cello accompaniment and Wretched spews sheer epic rock. What a ride! ​Production value of Breathe skyrockets thanks to Alexander “Sascha” Tukatsch, of Platinum Blonde fame, who is executive producer and recording engineer for the EP. Tukatsch teamed up with mix and mastering legend Richard Chycki, best known for his work with Aerosmith, Mick Jagger, Rush and Simple Plan, to produce this summer’s unrivalled Can-con for radio and downloads. "They do music their way," says Tukatsch.  "They've got special talent and a real positive vibe. I want to see them go for it and I'll be there to help in whatever way I can. These guys are hardworking, talented and I believe in them. Canadian music fans are going to love them." ​The Marc Joseph Band members: Dave Meffe on drums; Andy Melo on lead guitar; Dave Ongena on bass and Marc Joseph on vocals and guitar are drum-tight musically, vocally and spiritually. Alyssa Delurey belts out background vocals and is well used in spotlight moments. “The EP navigates life’s incredible journey and stares down the obstacles that can get in the way of your own success,” says Marc Joseph who wrote all but one of the songs on Breathe.  “It’s an honest, raw look at life without the sugar, without the pretty package. It’s about maintaining your character through adversity, while bobbing and weaving some of life’s sucker punches.” ​​While the full EP won’t be released until the fall, its title song, Breathe will be available July 28 through major online retailers including iTunes. Launch event tickets are available through www.themarcjosephband.ca   MEDIA NOTE:  Media interested in a copy of the full album or individual tracks should contact John Foster at johnfoster57@rogers.com or 416-918-4793. All songs qualify as Canadian content. -30- Media enquiries and interview requests: TBC  

Backstage Pass - June 8, 2012 Debut Album

The long awaited release of The Marc Joseph Band's debut album is almost upon us. July 28th 2012 at The Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto is just around the corner and the buzz is palpable. We would like to thank all of our supporters and fans and look forward to an amazing evening! We will show you a side of The Marc Joseph Band that you have never seen thus far, while remaining true to our roots. We appreciate all of the comments on our various social media and hope to see everyone at the event. This is a huge step for us and would not be possible without you!! Each of you have assisted us, from every song or video play to every facebook like and twitter follower! Much Love, MJB.

Backstage Pass - March 23 2012

Marc joseph will be returning from Punta Cana this week and we're kicking off his return with a Triple header starting Thursday at The Olde Stone Cottage, then off to P.J. O'Brien on Friday, and then a fundraising event on Saturday. We have been steadily climbing the Reverb Nation rock charts for Toronto and currently hold the 85th position out of over 3000 bands! Thanks to our fans for their support. Please drop by whenever you need your MJB fix and watch a video or two, play Breathe, share our content on your facebook, reccommend us to your friends - whatever tickles your fancy......all exposure and plays help us continue our rise on the charts. We are selling tickets for our original album release at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto July 28th. Tickets are $25 and include free entry, a copy of the original album, and your chance to win up to $5000 as part of our 50/50 album fundrasing efforts! Contact any band member, or use facebook or reverb, or you can even purchase online using our website. http://www.themarcjosephband.ca See You Soon!!


DENNIS WILLIAMS  (about 6 years ago)

Was in Punta Cana MArch 24 to the 31....just missed ya!

Backstage Pass - March 6 2012

Hey Ya! The Marc Joseph Band just added our FundRazr Application to our Reverb Nation Profile to make it easier to Support us with our upcoming debut album. Last night Bassist Dave Ongena was back in the studio with the legendary Sasch Tukatsch recording the bass track for "City Lights". Watch for this one on the album - great reviews so far and we sincerely hope that you like it! We have been approached for a possible tour in London U.K. and again for Vancouver B.C. Canada and both are in the negotiation stage, so nothing definitive to report yet, but we love to keep our fans up to date with what we've been up to. If you're from either of these areas you can help by sharing our fan pages with others you feel might like us. This weekend coming we will be performing at the Black Dog in Scarborough Thursday and International Sports Bar in Brampton on Friday!! spread the word and we'll see ya soon!! MJB

Backstage Pass - Feb 27

This weekends shows were epic! Thanks to all who made the effort and rocked out with us! Some of you will be reading this in locations other than facebook, so please drop in and LIKE us there. On the flipside of that, facebook fans, please visit our reverb nation profile.

Our fundraising efforts continue and we want to get back into the studio to lay down a few more songs for our album which is scheduled to be released at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto on August 28th. Reverb Nation is our personal preference for discovering new music, so have a look around. If you find new bands you like tell them The Marc Joseph Band sent you!! MJB

Backstage Pass - Feb 24th

Tonight kicks off this weekend's double header at PJ O'Brien's Irish Pub (39 Colborne St. Toronto), and since The Marc Joseph Band began playing at PJ's our following has grown exponentially at this rockin' venue. Last time we played there we had to ask our fans to resist the temptation to jump on stage with us (we love the interaction and support, but due to safety concerns, cables, equipment, etc.). PJ's will be jam packed again, so please come early if you want a good viewing spot. MJB would also like to formally welcome Chris a record exec from Virgin Records International out of L.A. for fan requesting us on Reverb Nation! 2012 has begun with a plethora of new venues and opportunities for The Marc Joseph Band and we're working harder than ever! Thanks again to all who make this possible - much love! MJB

Backstage Pass - Feb 21

The Marc Joseph Band has added yet another new venue in downtown Toronto. Look for us soon at the Unicorn Pub (175 Eglinton Avenue East Toronto, ON M4P 1J4 (416) 482-0115). Also if you're looking to catch up with us this weekend, we will be at PJ O'Brien Irish Pub (39 Colborne Street Toronto, ON (416) 815-7562) this Friday and Saturday! Always a great time, but this place gets PACKED, so come early! I would suggest getting a seat by the bar because getting a drink can be challenging once this place is hopping!! The Marc Joseph Band