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Cemetery Road

It's the witching hour, in the middle of the night. Drive the cemetery road, it will fill you with fright. What is walking in the yard of the dead? What is stalking and filling the air with dread. Ghouls & zombies rising up from the tomb. Hunt the living, warm & born from the womb. They search to find a fresh soul to feed. Fresh blood to drink & warm flesh they need. So take heed this warning I give to thee. Beware the road running past the cemetery you see. Ignore this & you'll not see the morning light. For certain you'll become a ghoul's feast delight.

Horror of Night

Stories have been written and tales have been told. About the horror of the night that is so old. When night falls upon the land. And darkness creeps from shadows hand. Lock the shutters and bar the door. The evil we will not speak, but do abhor. The thing does not drink ale, wine or mead. But stalks the darkness for fresh blood to feed. So if you feel brave and venture into the night. Might find your cold drained corpse in the morning light.


Beware the dark corners where the shadows hide. The darkness cloaks a deep dark secret.


Learn to embrace the darkness. So you won't be blinded and deceived by the false light.

Storm Nights

Thunder and lightning on a stormy night. Boom goes the thunder, deafening your ears. Flash goes the lightning , blinding your eyes. Then all of a sudden out goes the lights. Dark goes your computer and you lost all your work.

Nice weather

Nice weather is here. Time for motorcycle riding.

All in your bed.

Sleeping the night, in hours of dreams. Adventures and journeys come alive in your head. Wander the land and sail the seven seas. Explore the vastness of the universe. All this wonder and so much more. While you never ever leave your bed.

Beware The Crossroad

Beware the crossroad where a deal was made. With a blues player of equal fame. There waits a demon looking to steal more souls. Promising the world, fame , fortune and more. So if you care to protect your mortal soul. Don't wander down this evil road. Avoid the deals signed in blood. Earn your glory with your talent instead.

Gray Sky

Sky colored gray today. Drops of rain fall. Spring plants drink deep.

Morning weep.

Working late into an endless night. So tired is the brain, bleary is the sight. You try and push to work some more. But loudly calls your bedroom door. So you give in and go to sleep. But in the morning you wake and weep. In little bits laying on the floor. Is your late night work and more. Giving you a mischievous grin. Is your dog looking guilty as sin.