Status update on the new album, "THE WAR ON TERRA"

I just spent the last couple of days bleating out the vocals on several songs and I'm happy with how this album is coming together. The meat and potatoes were laid down in Clockright studio on the 10th which auspiciously enough, coincided with the death of one of our great teachers, David Bowie. None of us had any clue until the next day. Anyways, All I can say at this point is that Travis' bass is monstrously huge and the beats that Felix laid down are thunderous, innovative and on point. I can say with no uncertainty that this will be some of the best shit I've ever done in my life. Can't wait to hear what Dylan does when he goes back in to record his guitarmonies this week. Stay tuned.....

In the studio

We just started tracking songs for the next Goat album. There are some surprises awaiting for sure but everything sounds really awesome so far.

Kickstarter campaign to be announced.

OK Goat heads, here is the news we've been sitting on all year: We are currently mapping out and considering funding options for a limited pressing of a four song 7" EP to be released before the end of the year. Alongside of this release will also be a small run of USB "Goat keys" to contain the release which will come in a box of "artifacts". More details will be forthcoming. Also, if you did not get a copy of our first CD, we will be repressing it to be available in the fall. Until then, we have made it free to download on our reverbnation page. So go get that, play it loud and piss off Mom

The next album

We are now working on whooping up a new batch of goatness for the next record. Listen for these new songs trickling out at shows over the rest of the year. Also, we will be on the Cherubs tribute CD coming out this fall.

Goat-like Solidity

Damn. We haven't had a blog update since last year. So, sorry for that. We have been super busy all year preparing the new album and we are now seeing the fruits of that labor. We think you will all be very pleased. Stay tuned for the 2013 release of Solid Goat's seminal eponymous release.

Top Secret Goat stuff.

We are taking a break from the gigs and focusing on tightening up the last few songs that will be on our forthcoming album that will be released within the next few months. Stay tuned, Goatees!


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