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WHEN THE STORM GOD RIDES The Hell hound is on its way

Storm God Studios LLC in association with AN FILM’S of Atlanta filmed in Georgia at the Rocky Branch Railroad. Thomas E Kelly presents The Wild West just a little wilder this winter “When The Storm God Rides” appears for its Premier in Atlanta and at The Lowell Opry House in Carrollton Ga. So you won’t have to wait to see this on the big screen, with the thirty minute pilot we will have a country music Concert with George Britt, Doug Stone and Sammy Sadler. George Britt just was GMIA Songwriter of the Year! When Doug Stone first impacted radio back in 1990 with his debut single, “Better Off in a Pine Box,” listeners were introduced to one of the most distinctive traditional voices ever to hit country airwaves. Now – 17 years, a dozen hit singles and millions of album sales later – the singer of timeless country hits like "A Jukebox With a Country Song" and "In a Different Light" emerges with "My Turn", a project that lives up to its title and reunites Stone with the A-team Nashville players that lit up his classic hits. But make no mistake; this ain't any oldies collection. Produced by the artist himself, My Turn presents 11 new Doug Stone classics, each song reflecting a different chapter from the singer's incredible career journey and every performance reaffirming his status as one of country music's true stylists. George, Mark and Doug also are guest stars in the movie “When When The Storm God Rides” and sing a few songs written Thomas E. Kelly, George Britt, Mark Lyle and Bryan Carter, “When When The Storm God Rides” song by George Britt and “Thunder Calling My Name” song by Doug Stone