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Ivan The Great/Grammy Bound / Blog

The One Beat wonder

Most beat makers today are a joke even big name one who are on hit records, why ? in my day they never would have made the band, why, they only know how to make one beat, and that my friend does not make you a beat maker, over and over angain the same beat, a real drummer can put together drums with great variation, a real beat maker can to, if a man calls himself a beat maker and has only one good beat, the beat is stolen, if you caint come up with another one just as good how in the hell did you come up with the one you got?

Making a beat is one thing but.

It's not just a beat that you need to make, you need to make A grove and melody

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A One beat wonder

A person who only has one type of Beat probaly stole it. a true beat maker should have tempo. http://www.broadjam.com/artists/songs.php?artistID=35906

First Beat Maker in Hip Hop History

[[File:First beat maker in hip hop history.jpg|thumb|Add caption here]]How do we right the Fact that Modern hip hop was born Out of The Ivan Law sound, west coast sound?[http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_12656222 This beat has spawned many one beat wonders. A true beat maker should have tempo] How do we right the fact That Ivan Law is very instrumental and still very influential In modern hip hop?How do I write the fact That Ma cola records called Ivan Law to Make music because I had hip music but I hopped up and left? And Thats how the sound became avalible to the world. The songs are historical and deserve to be preserved in the archives of history. they are a rare gem to have. How do we right the fact that the songs deserve to be in the archives of history? because they are the songs that started it all! they are still on the same recording that they chose them on[http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_12656222 That is an historical demo]. I don't submit demos. any more I make records. how do I write the fact That Dr Dre and Ivan Law sat side by side? at Ma Cola records in 1991. How do I write the fact that they asked Snoop in his documentary Snoop were you and Dre The first to put [http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_12656222 [pop with hip hop?]. ]and Snoop said no! Pop and Hip Hop came to us. How do I tell you who Ivan The great Is ? How do we answer The next question who Brought you Pop and Hip Hop Snoop? It was Ivan Law. These are Historical facts that deserve there recognition...I swear under penalty of perjury..death and jail if any of this pages content shall be found untrue. How do I right The fact That Ivan Law was the first Beat Maker In hip hop History? How do I write the fact That Ivan Law coined and Has the oldest date on 24/7?[http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_12656196 Drop The beat is where Ivan Law coined two phrases], Drop The Beat and 24/7.How do I write the fact That Ivan Coined the phrase purple and Gold? Shaq had The song [http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_12656249 Defense] in his car that's a known fact in the NBA.?This is the song where he coined purple and Gold How do I write the fact That Ivan's Date on the new phrase [http://www.broadjam.com/player/player.php?play_file=35906_315078 What it do] baby is older than anything on the radio.This copy confirms the fact that they listen to me a second time. Monster Beats Coined By Ivan Law copyright2000. [http://catalog.loc.gov/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?v1=7&ti=1,7&Search%5FArg=ivan%20law&Search%5FCode=GKEY%5E%2A&CNT=100&type=quick&PID=06RvKeUv54Mr0YY0DSSx_U7Q&SEQ=20120712030045&SID=1 here is the copy right]. Certain peep need to get talent. So I can Get paid This link goes direcctly to the copyright office I own monster BeatsHow do we Right The fact That broadjam holds the oldest date on what it do?, test it. How do I write the fact That Ivan Law, will receive a lifetime achievement award for his creation and body of work and his contributions too and for being the innovator of modern hip hop?--IvanthegreatLaw (talk) 13:51, 11 July 2012 (UTC)


Is your Producer a one beat wonder?

are you tired of one beat wonders? record lables artist and mangers, call monster beats the innovator of hip hop we have variety beats 323 9281221 Check out music from Ivan The Great!

You Got To Love Me

This Is A Global Ad, This Ad Contains The truth sworn against The Grammey They owe Me.. If you Love Hip Hop You Have To Love Me, The fundaion Of Hip Hop is The Beat Maker and I am The first Beat Maker On Record with The music Industry, Dr. Dre Is Alive Snoop Is Alive and MaCaloa Records The CeOs Are Still Alive. This ad runs Freely. The world should Thank Me If you Love Hip Hop.

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These Are The artist That have big Hit records Because of Me, Chingy,Dr. dre, And Any artist he produced after 1991, Snoop,Priority records, Sony,bad bot too sound track, ray jay, inner scope records, And I put one commercial on the radio and That beat is on more than one song, Thank God for ITunes. I gave you purple and Gold for The Lakers, I gave yo 24/7. I gave you drop the Beat, I am The Innovator Of hip hop. Like My page AND I GAURUNREE YO WIL HERETHE BEAT HERE FIRST. In snoops hip hop documentary they asked him was he and Dre The first to put pop with hip hop he said no pop and hip hop came to them, I am The man who gave it to them.. Father of the west coast sound In the early 90's I would have released on the Ma cola label. Along with Dre Snoop and Shuge knight. My label then was star city productions. My hits were drop the beat, Robo cop, and a RB track called be my baby. those were tough times for Los Angles rappers. death reign drugs ruled the CEO's of ma cola said at one time it was fun. but it turned real ugly. Pac Biggy ,Easy. and many others who's name will never be known, Because of rap violence. I have owned a business in Los Angeles since I walked out of ma cola that day. But any way I will tell you A true story There was a rap group that was found dead in there studio. Producer included nobody knows what happen . but those were tough times .And God has a way of preserving Us. As I upload music you will here from the creator of the west coast sound . Dre and snoop don't take the credit for that snoop does not mind saying that pop and hip hop came to us. that sound was born in my bedroom on a four track recorder and a cheap drum machine and a Casio piano. It's not what you write your music on ,It all about being dedicated to the groove. Right now I am in negotiation with Sony records. I am an artist that has never released a record but I have more people imitating my sound than people that have Released. Keep your ears open some hot tracks are coming your way. When you think about it how can the west coast, have a sound. Maybe I'm wrong but I thought that a sound belongs to a band is to an artist. In other words

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