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The Art Of Music Making Through My Own Words.

Heart beat, melodies, start the piece, of seeing, the obscene, scenes, we see, when we, emerge, in complete, reckoning, of musical ecstasy, its truly blessingly, special tendencies, of filling, beats, laced with extravagant voices, overwhelmingly noisey, dark choices, moistening, the grounds for chorusing, so alert the towns for war, assert yourself some more, prepare the floor, for, the beginning before, the encore.

Only The Beginning

The beginning is the start of the end, or what comes with every living and non living being. Its what created us and it is what will destroy us, It also represents a key point in certain times of our lives. For example, my first mixtape is titled "Only The Beginning" Because there is no end, there is no future, there is no present and there is no past without a beginning. That doesn't mean that's all we should focus our attention on, it just means don't forget it. Also, your beginning doesn't necessarily represent how things will end, only how things have started or begun, its in your power and control how things will play out. I've designed this album to mark my beginning, my entry into the world of music, and to show people something they have never witnessed before, and i promise you will not be disappointed. So i recommend you get a copy, Its all free. Its more than music, Its a way of life, my life. It will soon be released on November 19...... Don't miss it! Much Love!