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Motto Perpetuo (Official Web) / Blog

Noticia de última hora. / Latest News

Hola a todos !!! Nos alegramos de anunciar que Motto Perpetuo grabará su segundo álbum este año 2015.Pronto más información. Gracias. Feliz Año Nuevo 2015 !!! / Hi everyone !!! We are glad to announce that Motto Perpetuo will record their second album this year 2015.Soon more information.Thanks. Happy New Year 2015 !!! / Hallo an alle !!! Wir freuen uns ankündigen dass Motto Perpetuo aufnehmen ihr zweites Album in diesem Jahr 2015. Bald mehr Informationen.Vielen Dank. Prost Neujahr 2015 !!! Motto Perpetuo.

Comunicado Oficial de MOTTO PERPETUO. / Official Press of MOTTO PERPETUO.

Comunicado Oficial de MOTTO PERPETUO. / Official Press of MOTTO PERPETUO. Muchas gracias a todas las Bandas por contactar con nosotros para hacer un concierto con Motto Perpetuo.Ahora no estamos listos para tocar en vivo porque estamos trabajando en nuevas canciones para grabar un segundo álbum.De todos modos podemos mantener el contacto para organizar algunos conciertos en el futuro cuando ya estemos listos para tocar.Gracias por vuestro interes en la banda.Saludos !!! Motto Perpetuo. / Many thanks to all Bands for connecting with us to do a Gig with Motto Perpetuo.Now we aren't ready to play live yet because we're working on new songs to record a second album.Anyways we can keep in contact to organize some shows in the future when we're ready to play.Thank you so much for your interest in the band.Cheers !!! Motto Perpetuo.

New stuff coming soon !!!

El grupo sigue promocionando “Perpetual Time” y ya está trabajando en nuevas composiciones para grabar un segundo trabajo. / The group continues to promote "Perpetual Time" and is working on new songs to record a second album.

Buscamos Teclista / Looking for Keyboard Player

La Banda busca Teclista con experiencia.Influencias Nightwish, Edguy ,Sonata Arctica , Angra etc ... SI ERES DE BARCELONA Y ESTÁS INTERESADO PONTE EN CONTACTO CON EL GRUPO !!! Gracias. / The Band looking for a Keyboard Player with experience.Influences Nightwish , Edguy , Sonata Arctica , Angra etc ... If you are from Barcelona & are interested please contact with us ... Thanks ... Emails: MottoPerpetuo@hotmail.es - MottoPerpetuo@hotmail.com

Contacta con ellos./ Contact with them.

Si quieres hacer un concierto con la banda contacta con ellos.Gracias./ If you want to do a Gig with the band contact with them.Thanks.Alexblanco@gmail.com , jordiguitar@hotmail.com

The Winners 2.000 Follower on Fanpage.

Buenas Noches !!! A tod@s ,,, entre los 71 participantes del Evento "We have 2.000 Follower on Fanage" hemos seleccionado las siguientes personas.FELICIDADES !!! Juanma Galán (España) ,,, Hubert Prętkiewicz (Polonia) ,,, Mel Mysteria M (Cánada).Ellos son los ganadores de nuestro Cd "Perpetual Time" y de nuestra camiseta Motto Perpetuo.ENHORABUENA !!! / Good Night !!! To all ,,, among the 71 participants of the Event "We have 2.000 Follower on Fanpage" we have selected three people.CONGRATULATIONS !!! Juanma Galan (Spain) ,,, Hubert Pretkiewicz (Poland) ,,, Mel Mysteria M (Canada).They're the winners of our Cd 'Perpetual Time' and T-shirt of Motto Perpetuo.CONGRATULATIONS !!!

We have 2.000 Follower on Fanpage.

Hola !!! Os informamos de que ya tenemos 2.000 seguidores en la Fanpage.Lo queremos celebrar con todos vosotros con un sorteo.Solo tenemos camisetas de la Talla M y L. 1 Cd + Camiseta: España ,,, 1 Cd + Camiseta:Europa ,,, 1 Cd + Camiseta: Fuera del continente Europeo.Graciasss por vuestro granito de arena a la Fanpage.Participar y suerte !!! / Hello! We inform you that we have 2.000 followers on Fanpage.We want to celebrate with you all with a draw. We only have t shirts size M and L. 1 Cd + Shirt: Spain ,,, 1 Cd + Shirt: Europe,,, 1 Cd + Shirt: Outside the continent Europe.Thanksss for your support.Good Luck for all !!! https://www.facebook.com/events/562391623807043/

Thanks for your Comments.

Comentarios a la banda en Facebook de las canciones y Reverbnation (mensajes privados) de artistas y personas.

Facebook : -Dope Flood : Thanks a lot mates. Great music and all the best. Greetings From Greece

-Lilith Fuchs: Super Band !!!

-Antonio Augusto Cesar Junior: Your songs are so special, really great tunes.

-Travis D Idsfa: Actually sounds really good, really surprised me cuz i was really expecting these death metal vocals to kick in then she came in with a soft voice...i liked it! ETC...

Reverbnation: -Stiff Spirit: 1 day ago Wow, I think Children of the War is a great song.

- Dope Flood 3 days ago Thank you very much guys, Great tracks, Angels Memories and all the rest have cool groove. Keep It Up and rocking. Greetings from Greece

-MCL Music @mclmusic321 4 days ago Hey lovin' ur page & music, great job!

-Micky James 8 days ago Thanks Guys.. I also love your Music ;-) Mick James

Contacta con Nosotros. / Contact with us

Si quieres una camiseta , un Cd "Perpetual Time" o hacer un concierto contacta con ellos. / If you want a T-Shirt , a Cd "Perpetual Time" or to do a Gig contact with them. Alexblanco@gmail.com , jordiguitar@hotmail.com

Interview med Motto Perpetuo.

interview med Motto Perpetuo http://ghgumman.blogg.se/2013/april/interview-med-motto-perpetuo.html#comment interview med Motto Perpetuo What is the name of your band? Motto Perpetuo Name of the band-members? Jordi Fernández, Alex Blanco and myself Mireia Farré Where did you grow up? We are from Barcelona and Lleida, in Catalonia How old are you? We are all in our thirties Who started the band? Jordi Fernandez, the guitar player, together with our former drummer José Torrent Where Have you played 2012/2013? Mostly in places round Barcelona and Lleida Where can people see you? We are currently composing new songs for an upcomming album and besides looking for a drummer to complete our line up, so by the moment we are not playing in shows Do you have a web-site? you can find us on reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/mottoperpetuo FB, official: http://www.facebook.com/mottoperpetuo youtube: https://www.youtube.com/mottoperpetuo What is the name of your best song? Well we don't really know! In fact we are proud of all our works..... maybe you better listen our cd and decide! ok no, seriously...For what we have experienced the songs that usually have more positive feedbacks are "Breaking the silence" and "Angel's memories" Who plays what? Mireia Farré: Singer Jordi Fernádez: guitar Alex Blanco: bass guitar What kind of music are you into? we have a lot of influences, little bit of power, heavy, gothic, etc...maybe you could call our music "symphonic power metal" Have you been on tour this summer? We had a couple of gigs early this summer but unfortunately our drummer left the band and after that the keybord player, so since then we are focused on composing new songs and finding new members to complete the line up Do you have a planed tour anytime soon? yes, of couse we are looking forward to tour again when the band is complete Who came up with the band name? Jordi F. Who writes the songs? mostly Jordi F. What song do you play the most? We used to begin our live shows with "Angel's memories", so I supose that's the one! Do you play the same songs each performance? We have a fixed set list and then we like to add some cover Have you realesed a album or single? yes, we have an album called "perpetual time" that came out on december 2009, and before that an EP Are you working on any new songs? yes, as I said before we are focused on composing new material