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Hey, Everyone

Hey! I know its been awhile since I been on reverb, but I posted a song called No Turning Back! I have a soundcloud that I would love for you guys to follow. I post my music on there aswell. Hope to see you there and enjoy No Turning Back! Love Ya

Working on new music!

thank you to all that has been listen to the music! know that im working on new music today! i have been working with other artist aswell, check out Nicki Nickole aswell as Smoo double, Im looking to work with new and talented ppl soon, but if you want to work hit me Up! thanks

Thanking YOU!

I want to thank everyone that has been riding with me and listening to the music, loveing likeing and sharing it...i really do appreciate it. thank you for showing me love you know who you are my top fans/friends..more music will be on its way.i really love the fact its getting heard Thanks again Much Love over here!!!!! :)

working On new music

Hey yaw.....im Excited got some new music coming..been working got colabs popping....Be ready..Thanks for listen to all the music much love

new music coming

I have been working on new music,I have a video posted one of the new single. as well as another song ft the one and only Smoo Double called I gotta know he blazed the track for me thank you for that i knew you would sound great over it as well as produced it.Again thanks..so to some of my fans your ears will be blessed thanks.....

Just a little about me

Love to sing always new it was a passion at a young age, and it just have stuck like glue enjoy doing it and working with others you will see how i progress im a talent that shouldnt be hidden.